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Outdoor RJ11 ADSL cable Pure Copper

Outdoor RJ11 ADSL cable Pure Copper
Our Price:  £9.95(Inc. 20% VAT)(£8.29 Exc. VAT)
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Outdoor RJ11 ADSL VDSL & Telephone extension cable
Terminated & tested RJ11 Network plug both ends.

Cables are fully made up units ready to plug in and use.

Price shown includes 2x RJ11* plugs terminated and tested.


We make our outdoor grade ADSL cable extensions with very high grade materials to enable the maximum performance and range.
Cable we use is pure solid copper core Cat5e Outdoor PE UV and waterproof sheath cable.

This cable is both waterproof, UV stable so can be pinned to a wall etc.

Cat5e uses both a thicker core and a higher twist rate than standard telephone cable so is ideal for longer runs and to improve performance.

Cable we use for our outdoor RJ11 ADSL extender cables:

Cat5e UTP 24AWG Solid Copper PE External UV Weatherproof 4 Pair Network cable.

  • Application: Outdoor Network cable
  • 4 pair UTP (only 2 pair used on RJ11
  • 0.51mm Solid Copper conductors, 24AWG 
  • HDPE Polyethylene Insulation 1.0mm
  • PE Polyethylene Sheath 'Duct Grade'
  • Sheath colour : BLACK
  • Jacket overall diameter 5.5 mm
  • Minimum, bending radius 4 x O.D
  • Frequency range 100Mhz
  • current rating 0.5 Amps
  • RoHS
  • temp -20 to +60c

*The plugs are wired RJ11 for telephone/ADSL/VDSL i.e. only pins 2/3/4/5 are wired, pins 1 & 6 are punched down but not cabled.
(We can however make them as you wish, RJ12 use all six wires and in various wire layouts for numerous industrial and office machinery, if you have a specific need, pin or wire layout please just ask and we will be happy to make to your specification including RJ45 one end)



By Default cable come wired 1 pair cross-over to pins 3 & 4 the same as a standard ADSL cable supplied in the UK

If you require a different layout for a specific phone system we can make them up as you wish, the plug is a standard RJ11/14 6p/6c type so can be fully wired up with 2,4 or 6 cores for multi-phone, voip or as required for older ring generator type systems.

Drop us an email to order bespoke cables, we will be happy to quote and provide with quick lead times.


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