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Outdoor Pure Copper Core Network Cable By The Metre

Outdoor Pure Copper Core Network Cable By The Metre£0.32  -  £1.05

High Quality Outdoor Grade Pure Solid Copper Cores Network Cable Sold by the Metre

RJ45 Network plug - Crimp On

RJ45 Network plug - Crimp On£0.28  -  £1.95

RJ45 network plug for crimping onto network cable

Network Cable Tools

Network Cable Tools£0.95  -  £4.50

D.I.Y. Cable making tools

Cat5e Network Euro Modules & Faceplates

Cat5e Network Euro Modules & Faceplates£1.96  -  £3.83

cat5e Network Faceplates & Modules

Cat6 Network Euro Modules & Faceplates

Cat6 Network Euro Modules & Faceplates£2.16  -  £4.54

cat6 Network Faceplates & Modules

Cat6a Network Euro Modules & Faceplates

Cat6a Network Euro Modules & Faceplates£9.00  -  £14.50

cat6a Network Faceplates & Modules

Back Boxes for network faceplates

Back Boxes for network faceplates£0.50  -  £0.85

Back boxes for network faceplates

ForgeFix 6-7mm Cable Clips x 100

ForgeFix 6-7mm Cable Clips x 100£3.50

These Forgefix round cable clips
Cable Size: 6-7mm.

Network Cable Lightning Arrestor

Network Cable Lightning Arrestor£27.50

Outdoor ethernet LAN lightning arrestor.
Support Cat5e/ Cat6 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Black PVC Insulating Tape

Black PVC Insulating Tape£1.25

20m x 19mm roll
Ultratape Black PVC electrical insulation tape

Boots for RJ45 Network Plugs

Boots for RJ45 Network Plugs£0.15  -  £0.28

Low Profile or Slip Over Boots
RJ45 network plug strain relief

Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a Tool-less RJ45 Ketstone Jack

Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a Tool-less RJ45 Ketstone Jack£5.75

Tool Free keystone Jack
for Solid Core Cat5e Cat6 & Cat6a

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Page 1 of 2:    14 Items