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Outdoor Dual Screened Cat5e Ethercon Cable

Outdoor Dual Screened Cat5e Ethercon Cable
Our Price:  £29.95(Inc. 20% VAT)(£24.96 Exc. VAT)
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Cat Standard:  Cat5e

Outdoor UV & Weatherproof Cat5e Dual Sheath & Screening Shield Matrix network cable
Terminated & Tested to Neutrik EtherCON
Shielded NE8MC-1 Waterproof IP54
Network Plugs

Pure copper core 4 twisted pair cables with PVC UV & waterproof sheath for permanent outdoor use.

Matrix Outdoor UV stabilized SF/UTP Cat5e is a twin Jacket & twin screened foil & over braid shielded tour grade ethernet cable.

The cable features and outer UV stabilized weatherproof black jacket, then an inner armored tin copper braid shield over an aluminum screen, this all covers the inner LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) inner jacket, the 4 twisted pairs of cat5e data cables also feature a separator to keep the cores to the correct separation to guard against alien cross talk during flex & movements to increase data integrity.

Cable is designed to be very flexible and can be used outdoors due to its UV and waterproof jacket.

Cable is terminated with Shielded Cat5e RJ45 plugs with genuine Neutrik EtherCON NE8MC-1 waterproof IP54 connector, composed of a rugged diecast shell and unique chuck type strain relief.  (NE8MC-1 is fully backwards compatible with the NE8MC but with the addition of IP54 cable gland)

Screening is true from point to point, with both the shielded inner plug and EtherCon both being made common to the cable shield throughout.

Cables are fully made up units ready to plug in and use
Come wired straight through by default although we are happy to wire to to custom layouts if requested before ordering.

Cat5e outdoor braided cable specifications
External Industrial Grade, Matrix SF/UTP.
4 pair SF/UTP cat5e 200MHz stranded cable with overall foil + overall braid shielded with black PVC outer sheath, LSZH inner, for external use.

  • Conductor type: Stranded – Bare copper
  • Insulation: PE solid – diameter 0.86mm
  • Filler: 4.5*0.2mm
  • Inner Jacket: White LSZH (1 at 100 MHz) Ω100±5, thickness:0.45mm, external diameter:
  • 5.0mm±0.2mm 5. Shielding 1: Aluminium/polyester
  • Shielding 2:Tinned copper
  • Outer Jacket: Black PVC, thickness: 0.55mm
  • Outside diameter: 6.8mm +/- 0.5mm

All our cables are made in house, we are happy to quote for any special termination requirements you have i.e. crossover, made into modules, economiser types etc just drop us an email, we can make them as bespoke as you wish, by default they come to the standard T568B wiring layout the same as any off the shelf cable.

We only ever use high grade pure copper cable never CCA, that is its not to the cat anything standard let alone Cat6, its brittle, fractures easily and dangerous with PoE, if you find cheap outdoor network cable it is almost certainly CCA.

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