Homeplug speeds & compatabilities

Tuesday, 18 August 2009  |  Admin

85mbps & 200/500mbps homeplugs use different frequencies to operate so are only compatible with there own speed i.e all the 200/500mbps will work with each together and other 200/500mbps Homeplug AV models by other manufacturers but not with the 85mbps and vica-versa.

however they can co-exist on the same power circuit so you can have two networks talking over each other at different speeds.

85mbps Homeplugs

All 85mbs that adhere to the HomePlug 1.0 Turbo standard inter-operate with each other . HomePlug 1.0 and 1.0 Turbo are interchangeable so you can mix and match both 14 and 85mbs as well as manufacturers.

There are 2 makes of powerline chipsets. Intellon and DS2. The majority of manufactures use the Intellon chipset and adhere to the HomePlug standard and are interoperable. However those that use the DS2 chipset cannot be used with Intellon based products. Phillips, Netgear and comtrend use the DS2 chipsets.

All the 85mbps homeplugs we sell are fully Homeplug 1.0 & homeplug 1.0 Turbo compliant, these inter-operate with other homeplug models that are to this standard, i.e. Actiontec, Arkados, Aztech, Belkin, Cameo, C-net, Cisco, Devolo, Dynamode, Echostar, Econnect, Fujitsu, Gigafast, Intellion, Lea, Netgear, Vesenet & ZyXEL at both 14mbps & 85mbps

200mbps & 500mbps Homeplugs
All our 200mbps & 500mbps homeplugs at faculty-x are fully Homeplug AV compliant, these inter-operate with all our oth