Homeplug FAQs and Q&A


If you have a question or problem with your homeplugs, drop us a comment and we will try to resolve it for you.

Common questions:

Q. Can homeplugs be used on different ring mains in a house?
A. Yes its standard for a domestic home to have various ring mains, one power & lighting circuit for each floor and well as cooker circuits, outdoor plug and buildings etc, as long as all these come of the same consumer/fuse box the homeplug signal can happily cross this for each floor the same as your power does.

Q. Can i mix homeplugs speeds?
A. 85mbps & 200mbps use different frequencies to communicate and can not talk to each other.
200mbps & 500mbps use a common frequency with 500mbps also using other higher ones, so they will talk to each other, the limit will be the slowest plug.

Q. Can i use homeplugs with a MAC, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Sky Anytime+, Humax freest box, Iplayer enabled TV, DVD players etc?
A. Yes homeplugs are operating system independent, they will happily work with any product with a standard ethernet port that needs an internet connection.
The software supplied with all models is not needed for the plugs to work and only provides a utility in the most part to see how they are performing.

Q. Can i use homeplugs in extension sockets, Surge protectors?
A. No this is not advised as the interference can be too great and surge protectors will block the signal. If you are very low on sockets its advised to use a pass-through type homeplug, plug this into the socket first and them plug the extension into the front of the home plug, the socket on pas-through homeplugs is filtered for interference.

Q. Can the signal be used by houses around me?
A. The meter acts as a natural block to the signal due to high interference levels and should not leak past this in most cases, but has been known to. Homeplugs will also not cross phases and generally the phases are swapped on houses up the street to balance the load.
If your are in shared accommodation then it would be advised to use the security setting on the plugs to block others joining, this is done by pressing the nmk/security/pair button on the first plug and then within minute pressing it on the other, this will lock them together and not allow others to join, if you add more plugs do the same again to add further units.

Q. I Have Comtrend plugs with by BT vision box which plugs can i use with these?
A. Comtrend plugs use a different sort of chipset called DS2 and are not compatible with other makes of homeplugs that use Intellion, so you would need to stick to Comtrend i am afraid.
Lately BT vision has started shipping with a different make of plugs “Simplier Networks” these are Homeplug AV compliant so any Homeplug AV standard plug will work with these. Check the label on the underside of the plug to check first if possible.

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443 responses to “Homeplug FAQs and Q&A”

  1. Dave said:

    Can they be used in tandem with a bt vision comtrend powerline adaptor in use already? i.e to make a network to an extra upstairs pc.

  2. admin said:

    No sorry, Comtrend is one of a very few that are not homplug 1.0 compliant, you would need to buy another comtrend adapter, these can be purchased from Dabs.com amongst others.

  3. Jim said:

    I have two 200mbps Extra value homeplugs from Ebuyer.

    Are these compatible, to give me x4 plugs, one entering the main ring and 3 leaving?


  4. Adrian Kellett said:

    I have a Netgear DG834G v3 router. I would like to use this with 1 200mbps AV PL200AV Piggy and 1 200mbps PL200AV Push. Would such a setup work OK?

  5. admin said:

    Yes this setup would work very well.
    connect one homeplug near your router and plug the supplied cable from the homeplug into a free ethernet port at the rear of the Netgear router.
    Install the other plug near the device needing a connection and your homeplug network is complete.
    no drivers to install, just plug & play.

  6. admin said:

    any of our homeplug 200mbps http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20homeplug%20200av.htm are 100% compatible with the ebuyer extra valve plugs.

  7. admin said:

    yes all our 200mbps homeplugs are compatible with the ebuyer value 200mbps homeplugs.

  8. Geraint Cynan said:

    I bought 200mbs powerline ethernet adapters x 2 model no NL- HP200DL from Amazon a year ago. Getting around to use them now as I have been in and out of hospital after severe illness. However, the Cd rom has been mislaid. drawn a blank from Amazon. Is it possible to get a copy of the CD rom drivers or are they available to down load from some website? Hope you can help me.


  9. admin said:

    a disk is not required to work the plugs, just plug them in and they work straight away, the disk only contains an application to see data throughput and encrytion utility.
    If you wish to send me an email to homeplugs@faculty-x.net i will happily copy this disc and email it to you.

  10. steve dineen said:

    I’m already using 85mps homeplugs very successfully around my home for our broadband connection – to be honest, I think it’s miraculous! If I connect, say, an ethernet enabled printer to a homeplug, will I be able to operate that from elsewhere in the house?

  11. June said:

    I have just got Windows 7 with the homeplugs work with this programme?

  12. admin said:


    Yes homeplugs are fine with windows 7, they are totally driverless this is why they are so good with all operating system including macintosh & linux as well as media streamers, slingboxes and games consoles.
    Just plug on into your router and one on the device you need to conenct and your done.

  13. Andrew said:

    Hi – I have 2 broadband lines into my home. 1 is running BT vision using comtrend adaptors between vision box and router. On my second broadband line, I also have a router. Can I connect homeplugs to this second router? Will the mains wiring allow for such a configuration with 2 seperate dataflow sources across it?

  14. Faculty-X said:

    200mbps plugs will co-exist with the comtrend adapters and talk over each other.
    Or you could combine both braodband lines into one super highway: http://www.faculty-x.net/multi%20wan%20routers.htm

    leave both routers setup as is but turn the radio’s off, set the dual wan router to dynamic and it will use both broadband lines, plug a wireless access-point into a free lan port and your wireless again.

  15. Geoff Smith said:

    Are the 85 mbps adapters compatible with 200mbps adapters? I already have four existing 85 mbps adapters around the house but would like to try/buy a pair of 200 mbps adapters: One attached to my router, the other new 200mbps adapter attached to the nintendo wii to stream bbc iplayer, with the existing four 85mbps adapters attached to various computers around the house. Would that work? regards Geoff

  16. Faculty-X said:

    Yes and no.

    85mbps are not compatible with each other as in they will not network together but they can co-exist on the same power circuit.
    So if you have an 85mbps homeplug connected to your router and a 200mbps homeplug connected to your router you can have both 85mbps & 200mbps homeplugs in your house running to distinct networks but you can not say have an 85mbps plug in your router and a 200mbps at the console.

    I hopw this is clear enough, please respond or ring us on 020 3091 3901 to discuss if still not sure.

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  19. John said:

    I want to link a belkin range extender directly to my wireless router using the homeplug as the connecting bit. Is that possible? – Effectively creating a wireless homeplug.

  20. John Hogg said:

    I have a WindowsXP PC,a Windows7 laptop & a NetgearMP101 Music Player. The Music Player supports only WEP encryption. I want to connect them all via Homeplug. Will such a network support WEP encryption?
    John Hogg.

  21. Faculty-X said:


    WEP is a wireless encryption method (Wired Equivulant Privacy) and is not applicable to homeplugs, your netgear MP101 has an Lan socket on the back so the homeplug just connects into this instead of wirelessly, no drivers to install or WEP encryption to worry about.

  22. Faculty-X said:

    This would be fine, one homeplug at the router, one on the extender, set the extender to AP mode instead of repeater and the throughput would double as well.
    In wireless repeater mode the Belkin is sending and recieving at the same time so the throughput is halved, as an Access point it will work at full speed.

  23. Danny said:

    I recently purchased 2 x 200Mbps Newlink Powerline Ethernet adaptors which I have been using to connect between an AppleTV and an Airport Express which is WDS linked to an AIrport Extreme served an ADSL router.

    This week, my neighbour purchased the same Newlink adaptors and now when I try to access my ADSL router, I get the neighbours one instead. I have changed the IP address of my router to solve that problem but now my Powerline adaptors don’t talk with each other! One talks with the neighbours network and one with mine!

    I doubt that we share the same electric circuit as we are fused separately but could there be some kind of interference causing this problem. Is there some kind of driver for Apple Macs (OSX) to encrypt the adaptors?

  24. Faculty-X said:


    Have you set the security on the plugs.
    underneath there are two small buttons “reset” & “security”.

    If you press the security button for 2 seconds and then within a minute press the Security button on the second adapter they will lock to each other.

    This is covered in the pdf manual on the inculded CD-Rom page 23 onwards.

  25. Danny said:

    Will give that a go. Can’t find the CD. Don’t think one was in the box. Is there anywhere to download the pdf manual?

    Also, if I disconnect the plugs, will I have to reset the security button again or will that stay ‘locked’ to each other?

  26. Faculty-X said:

    we have uploaded the homeplug 200mbps manual here for you.
    0.5mb pdf file

  27. Jane Rawlings-Purcell said:

    I am thinking of purchasing 3 Solwise 200mbps Homeplug PL 200AV-PUSH devices mainly for my son who plays on his XBox but he talks about lagging when playing the game if the connection is bad particularly a wireless connection. Will he get lagging using these devices. My router is the netgear Rangemax DGND3300v2 but still have issues of connecting wirelessly in our house….which is so frustrating.

  28. Faculty-X said:

    No the gaming lag will be a thing of the past.
    just plug one into a free ethernet port on your router and one into the xbox ethernet port and your done, no software is not needed at all, they will work straight away.

  29. Rob D said:

    I’ve just bought 2 85 mps Homeplug units & once plugged in all 3 LEDs light up on both, but neither can be found on my desktop pc when opening the program & scanning for them – any ideas please, as it sounds like everyone else just plugs them in & bang! they work……
    I’m on Windows XP on desktop & TalkTalk router works ok on laptop (wireless)….

  30. Carol said:

    hi I already have wifi set up for ps3 wii and laptop but want to connect 3view hd pvr to these will it affect my existing wifi connections many thanks

  31. Mark said:

    How do you reset the powerline 200Mbps adapter using the RST function. It is a small hole. I have inserted a pin and depressed what feels like a button within the homeplug whilst powered up but there is no visible status that it has been reset via the status lights?

  32. Faculty-X said:

    You need to hold it in for around 5-10 seconds, the light will all go out and then come back on after a few seconds, leave the unit plugged in for a few minutes more to let it cycle and save its self properly afterwards.

  33. Faculty-X said:

    No not at all , homeplugs are not wirless devices as such, the convert the cable signal to one than ca co-exist with the existing power supply and then simply convert it back the other end.
    Homeplugs are perfect for iplayer and media plays as no software is required, just plug then in and they will do the conversion straight away.

  34. tom said:

    Hello, my powerline 200mbps don’t discover each other on switch on, I have to go to Networks in the remote computer and select “repair” before I have internet. Is this normal because it’s quite frustrating.

  35. Faculty-X said:

    The powerline sounds to be functioning correctly when you repair your LAN port on the computer it works.
    The LAN port or driver sounds to be the issue as it’s not calling for or golfing onto the old ip address.

  36. colin said:

    I have a talktalk wireless router which does not reach my sons bedroom. Bought a PL85PE and PL85PEW. Connected PE to router and PEW in his room – nothing worked. Connected PEW to router with PE via ethernet in his room – he now has internet. ???
    I can’t get talktalk internet, only Powerline which regularly disconnects.
    What is wrong and how do I fix this?

  37. Faculty-X said:

    Are you saving to the rom afterwards?

  38. Stuart said:

    I have a number of eConnect Homeplugs and need to add more. I cannot purchase these any more. What others will be compatible with the eConnect ones I have?

  39. Blobby said:

    I have just plugged in 2 x Asus 200Mbps AV PL-X32 Homeplugs to allow access to iplayer etc. on our TV (Panasonic TX-L37G10B).

    Currently we are awaiting the BBC iPlayer upgrade for 2009 Panasonic TVs which is “under final testing now”

    My PC runs Windows7 – how do I know if the Asus homeplugs I have installed will work correctly when the iPlayer upgrade is made available.?

  40. Faculty-X said:

    thesy should wortk no problem at all.
    Yuo can check by plugging on into your router and on into a computer just to make certyain they are functioning.
    homeplugs are very relaible on the whole so i suspect you will be fine.

  41. Faculty-X said:

    all our 85mbps homeplugs will work with the econnect 85mbps plugs and all the 200mbps homeplugs will work with the econnect 200mbps models.
    They are all the same chipset etc internally.

  42. asif said:

    I’ve got a pair of these NET-X EPL-9200 HOMEPLUG AV
    will any of your 200mb range work with these?

  43. Faculty-X said:

    Hi yes any of our 200mbps homeplugs will be 100% compatible with the Net-X 200mbps model you have.

  44. Alan said:

    I have a new Panasonic D28 chassis HD TV, which I wish to connect to my Talktalk D Link wi fi router.
    I should like to use your products rather than Panasonic’s own Wi Fi adaptor.I works fine with a 5 metre LAN cable, but is messy
    My vintage car DVD collection I am transffering to DivX to play on the TV from the PC Hard drive (XP Pro)
    So will 200mb/s be fast enough ?

  45. Faculty-X said:

    Yes 200mbps homeplugs would be pefect.

  46. Robert said:

    Had 2 Homeplugs for a year working without issue. Today, one has no power to it (from any electrical socket). Is this a common problem?

  47. Faculty-X said:


    No not really.
    As with all electrical items failure happens from time to time, as these have a tendancy to be left on all the time electrical surges etc can take them out.
    Try holding in the reset for ten seconds as some have a resetable fuse, if not raise a return with the company you purchased then from.

  48. Robert said:

    During resetting, should it be plugged in to the wall?

  49. Alan said:

    re 44 & 45
    works like a dream
    re lacing the loom at the back of the tv was the longest part of the job

  50. trevor said:

    For a homeplug that has one ethernet port. Could I use an additional 5 port ethernet switch? -trevor

  51. Faculty-X said:

    Yes this is a perfect solution.
    Most homeplugs except the gigabit homeplug range have 10/100 ethernet port so a standard switchs would be fine.

  52. Derek said:

    Oh….one other thing….

    I’m new to all of this tech stuff…..I noticed on your website that some of your products have upto 500+ mbps – Because of my distance from the exchange I don’t have the fastest broadband connection (3 mbps) does the 500+ speed relate to the transfer of data or will it boost my connection?

    Sorry if it’s a dumb question

  53. vim said:

    I have1 pair of 85mbps homplug. but i need one more homeplug in !! do i need same make and model or have to buy triple pack or any sigle plug in will work????

  54. Faculty-X said:

    are your existing plugs homeplug 1.0 complaint? 95% if so then any one of our 85mbps homeplugs will work with your existing units.
    If you are not sure give us the make and model and we will confirm this for you.

  55. Faculty-X said:


    Homeplugs basically just replace network cables from your router to the computer, they will not boost your incoming broadband speed at all.

  56. Jim S said:

    As per Q53 I have apair of Netgear XET1001 85mbps home plugs, are they compatible with your Homeplug 1 Turbo 85 mbps ?

  57. Faculty-X said:


    Yes the XET1001 is homeplug 1.0 compatible so will work with any of our 85mbps homeplugs

  58. Jim S said:

    As per Q53 I have apair of Netgear XET1001 85mbps home plugs, are they compatible with your PLC Homeplug 1 Turbo 85 mbps ?

  59. Norgal said:

    Hi, I have an HP C4380 wireless printer that has no ethernet port! only a USB port. is there a homeplug that will connect / convert to a this USB port.

    regards Norgal

  60. M Granger said:

    I have 4 Netgear XE104′s which are working great. I want to add another XE104 in another room but it seems to only want to work in one of the 3 sockets….the least conveniemnt socket. This prompted me to check various sockets around the house and they work in some rooms but not in others. I loaded up the Netgear software and whwn I ‘Scan’ the new XE104 is not seen when in these sockets even though the lights are on correctly. If I try to connect to the XE104 in a socket where it is not working correct I get a ‘Unrecognised network’ message in the Network Control panel on my PC.
    Ant advise/ideas would be appreciated I really dont want to have to go to a wireless network.
    Thanks in advance

  61. Faculty-X said:

    it can be a few thing but most likey interference from another device giving out a noisey electrical signal e.g. energy saving bulbs, phone charges etc.
    Try turning off everything in the room except the homeplug and see if it works, if yes turn each device on one by one until you find the culprit.
    another problem can be a loose conenction in the plug socket itself, although the connection will happily take a electrical current data will not get accross the link. People have seen great improvements by having the cables tightened up in the socket, this will need undertaking by a competent person with home electrics.

  62. Faculty-X said:

    no sorry

  63. Andy E said:

    Hi – I was going to use a wired connection in one room, then a wired connection to a wireless router (NL-85PEW) in another room (I have thick walls and interference). As my printer also runs off the wireless network, it makes more sense to have 2 wireless distributors, 1 for one room with printer and desktop in it, and one elsewhere for the laptop and anything else.

    Question is, will they interfere with each other, and can you run two wireless points off the same network?

  64. Ruddles County said:

    Hi I have an outhouse some 20 – 60M from my house. i am currently running a wireless bridge but getting a lot of problems.
    the outhouse has it’s own consumer unit, but i believe is fed from the same supply as the house (single phase). my guestimate for cable lengths:
    outhouse ring to CU – 30M
    outhouse CU House CU – 70M
    house ring to CU – 30M
    would the homeplug be a viable solution and if so which model? (P.S. i run a business from my outhouse, so need reliable comms).

  65. Faculty-X said:

    The most reliable over long distances are:

    if its off the same single phase power supply you should be fine.

  66. Yoel Silver said:

    I have a Netgear DG834N wirless router working fine. I want to add an standard 200mps homeplug to the router and homeplug 200 mps with wireless access point in another room. How does the network cope with multiple wireless access points

  67. Faculty-X said:

    The new wireless access point will have a different name and will also be on another channel.
    You just scan for the new wireless network and make the connection as you would any other wireless network.

    You can secure the wireless network with all the standard wireless ecryptions like wep & wpa etc.
    If you set the SSID of the unit to the same as your existing wireless with the same encryption code but ensuring that the channels are at least 3 apart you can also roam seemlessly between them.

  68. Faculty-X said:

    Yes you can run more that 1 wireless point, just keep the channels at least 3 apart so say 1 & 11 and set the network names logically so you know which is which, say front room, study etc, you can then just scan and connect to the one you wish to use in each room.

  69. Chris said:

    I have 2 Targa Powerlan Starter PL8500S units which were available from Lidl about 2 years ago. I use them to send the internet to 2 different rooms. I want to add a 3rd unit. The Specs are: 85mbps, Ethernet Spec IEEE 802.3, 802.3x & 802.3u. HomePlug 1.0 compatible. Would one of your 85mbps units work with these?

  70. Faculty-X said:

    Yes any of our 85 Mbps homeplugs will work with those as they are all homeplug 1.0 compliant.

  71. Graham Corbett said:

    At the moment my computer and peripherals are all plugged into a Intelliplug with an extension lead running off it with switches everything off when I close the computer down.
    If I buy a 200mbps Homeplug Av with passthrough power socket will I be able to plug the Intelliplug into it with the same results. I will have another one for a media player by my TV

  72. Rob said:

    I have two PLC 85Mbps homeplugs and they work fine between the router and the PC. Is it possible to use homeplugs between the cable modem (i.e. the ethernet connection) and the “WAN” link on the router? I want to move the wireless router to another part of the house.

  73. Les said:

    I’m trying to install the the software for my NL HP 200 SG (which works fine incidentally). I’m getting a message which prevents installation (‘There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package. A program request for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor …’. I’m using Windows 7 (64 bit). Please can you advise?

  74. Faculty-X said:


    The disk is not needed for windows 7, just cancel the installation and plug them in, they’ll work straight away.

  75. Faculty-X said:

    it should do, give it a go and see.

  76. Faculty-X said:

    If you plug the intelliplug into the homeplug it will not switch of the homeplug but i cant see a reason why the homeplug would otherwise affect its function, i have not tried it though.

  77. Mike Roberts said:

    Hi I have a Netgear powerline 85Mbs adapter kit connected to my rangemax wireless router (upstairs) and PC downstairs. I now have an LG tv with netcast that I would like to connect. Will it need the faster 200Mbs plugs? If so if I bought another 200 Mbs kit would the 85Mbs plug still work. I guess I would have to junk the 85mbs plug that is connected to the router?

  78. DHG said:

    Hi – just received a pair of Newlink HP200PDTLs but can’t get them to work with a pair of Zyxels PLA-401s I’ve had for some time. From what I’ve read I should just plug in and go – right? Not getting a connection with the Zyxel on the router and the Newlink on a laptop. Help?

  79. Sue Beattie said:

    I have purchased 200M PLC however my connected device is not being picked up, I have checked cables and all seem OK, I have 3 green lights on each adapter. When I open Power packet utility I get a message saying database file not detected, I have tried a re-install / repair any ideas?

  80. david said:

    Is there likely to a problem if 2 homeplugs connected to the router share a twin power socket – the pairing homeplugs will be in power sockets in different rooms?

  81. Andrew said:

    I think I found the problem. I have changed the ‘Private Network Name’ on all the units using the Home Plug AV Utility CD. The issue seems to be resolved.

  82. Graham Corbett said:

    Intelliplug does not affect performance in any way. The plugs work perfectly. I have a WD Live Tv Media Player connected and am extremely happy with the performance. Thanks.

  83. Leigh said:

    Hi can you advise if the 85mbps plugs that you sell will work with my existing homeplug turbo plugs. I originally bought these some time ago from svp.co.uk and the only markings on the plug is homeplug turbo SP-85. I am looking to expand the homeplugs I have or will I need to setup a new homplug network?


  84. Faculty-X said:

    yesour 85mbps homeplugs will work fine with these if they are homeplug turbo models.

  85. Faculty-X said:

    85mbps & 200mbps networks can co-exist but not communicater with each other, effectively you have tow networks, for this you need both speed homeplugs connected to the router.
    to connect your netcast tv up you could either buy just one 85mbps homeplug and connect to the existing network or buy two 200mbps homeplugs, one for the router and one for the television.

  86. Faculty-X said:

    are the zyxels on the latest firmware, 4.01 i believe? downlodable from their website.

  87. Faculty-X said:

    uninstall the power packet utility and just plug them in, they should work just fine by themselves.

  88. Faculty-X said:

    you only need one homeplug at the router end regardless of the connection made remotely.

  89. johnboy said:

    Will the following work:
    Solwise 200mbps triple Homeplug, 6 way surge multi-plug to which I will connect the router, PC 1 and PC 2
    Solwise 200mbps Homeplug AV PL-200AV-PIGGY connected to a Humax HDR Fox-T2 HD PVR
    Will both PC’s see the router and consequently the internet?
    Will the Humax see the internet?

  90. Colin Davis said:

    I have a Sony TV(new) which has a facility to connect to the Internet using Sony Wi-Fi, but this is unreliable.If I use a homeplug twin pack will this give me the correct connections. BT Router Mk2 in one room, Sony TV with ethernet socket in second room. Also my wall sockets are all twins, so would I be able to access the switches if I use the Pass through type of Homeplug?

  91. Cham said:


    Can I use homeplug to connect my TV [Sony Bravia 40EX503] with my PC upstairs. From the TV I want to view image and video files stored in the PC. Is this possible with Homeplug. I’m not looking for internet access on the TV, but accessing data in my local PC from the TV via homeplug.

    Best Regards

  92. Faculty-X said:

    Homeplugs merely replace the ethernet cable by using a converstion that will co-exist with the 50hz power supply.

  93. Faculty-X said:

    Yes this is exactly the right usage for a twin pack of homeplugs, they fit ok into standard dual pole wall sockets but hang down so if the socket is close to the floor they will not fit.

  94. Faculty-X said:

    Yes this will be fine.

  95. ROBERT COOLEY said:

    I have a panasonic LCD tv model no TX-L37G20BA with DNLA/VIERA CAST/FREESAT.I also have a DSL-2640R VER.B2 WIRELESS G ADSL2+ROUTER for my broadband network. Will a Newlink Model: NLHP-200PTDL HOMEPLUG work with this enabling me to connect the television to the internet?
    Many thanks

  96. Brad said:

    I am looking tio get the 200 mbps or higher homeplugs.

    I have a bt infinity home hub in the upstairs small bedroom but want computer access in large bedroom and also want to connect LG lcd tv to the internet to enable receive bbc i player, you tune etc which I am told is possible.

    Is the Solwise 200, 500 or 1000 suitable?

    I am receiving broadband at about 38mbps.


  97. Faculty-X said:

    200mbps would be fine for now, long term i would look to the 500mbps or installing a hard wire between the two.

  98. Faculty-X said:

    yes a pair of NLHP-200PDTL would be perfect for the job.

  99. Sid said:

    Since I would like to run a LAN enabled printer and a PC from the same room, I have got two options i.e.
    1. Have two homeplugs on two sockets, or,
    2. Have a Switch.

    Is there a homeplug which has built in switch, with 2 or more RJ45 connections which might reduce the number of sockets I use up?

  100. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Sid,

    Yes three options.
    in 85mbps you can go for the three port Solwise Homeplug model PLA-85-3E

    200mbps homeplugs with three ports are either:

  101. Ian said:

    Hi there

    I have a BT Home Hub 2 (latest version I think).
    Download speed varies from around 3000Kbps to almost 6000Kbps depending on time of day etc.

    I am currently using three old VeseNet powerline adaptors and did not realise till today that they only transmit at 85Mbps and things like BBC iPlayer can often stall during playback.

    Three questions really…

    First, would you recommend an upgrade to your Solwise 500Mbps PL-500AV and how much improvement am I likely to see? Or, second, can you suggest anything more suitable?

    Third, can you recommend a wireless range extender to plug in to one of the Solwise plugs to link with my MacBook Pro that will maintain speed of original BT Home Hub connection. I currently use an Edimax EW-7416APN which might be fast enough but could be held back by the old VeseNet pluds.

    Here’s hoping you can help

  102. Faculty-X said:


    Its quite common for iplayer etc to stall quite often during peak demand (evenings) regardless to how fast your network is. The demand on the system the BBC end is very heavy.
    85mbps plugs should be more than fast enough for iplayer which runs around 1mb standard and 2mb high quality image stream.
    Try running a speed test the other side of the plug and see if it is these first is my recomendation.

  103. David Barnes said:

    Iam using Netgear xe104 homeplugs. Are your homeplugs compatible? I want to use one for access from my Sony Bravia TV. I have tried using the Netgear homeplug with the TV and it works fine so I just need one more.

  104. Faculty-X said:

    Yes the Netgear XE104 is compaitble with homeplug 1.0 standards as are all our 85mbps homeplugs here

  105. Paul said:

    For a setup where I want wi-fi access at the ‘far’ end, do I just need one 85mbps Homeplug at the router end and one 85mbps Homeplug 1.0 to 54g WiFi Adapter at the ‘far end’?. Or do I need an extra 85mbps Homeplug at the far end as well as the adaptor (3 items in total).

  106. Faculty-X said:

    You just need the two as.you first though, a standard plug at the router and a wireless homeplug at the far end

  107. Mat said:

    I have just purchased a 200mbps Powerline adapter, (NL-HP200SG) and an 85mbps WLAN Homeplug to extend my WiFi into another room in the house where it wont reach currently.
    From what I’ve seen this is a standard configuration. The Wired one connected to router, other WiFi one in the bedroom, both plugged in.
    First I tried to connect to the WiFi one on (put my PC on the right subnet etc) but the password (as stated in the instructions) is not admin. It should be admin/admin to log in. It isn’t. Tried resetting. Doesn’t let me log in. So wont be able to use that then.
    Even the standard wired one I can’t connect to with the utility…
    Neither of them work. I’m extremely experienced with computers, it’s my job.
    The WiFi one is definitely a password issue, it gets to the login prompt but after three attempts access denied.
    The other one seems to be just that the software wont ‘find’ it or something else.
    Gonna have to send them back if I can’t get this resolved. As a solution it’s not working at all, I played around for hours yesterday, tried all sorts of different configs. Will try a bit more today but it’s not looking good. Would appreciate any insight.

  108. Brian Hoggarth said:

    I am told that I need to have hpmeplug adapters to use iplayer from my router box. If I buy a pair with ethernet cables is it just a matter of plug and play or is there a setup proceedure?

  109. Faculty-X said:

    85mbps homeless and 200mbps homeplugs are not compatible with each other and will not communicate or even see each other, you will need to arrange to send one of the homeplugs back and buy another of the same speed to make a working network.
    See this post for more info on homeplug speeds http://www.faculty-x.net/homeplug-blog/?p=7

  110. Faculty-X said:

    Yes just a twinpack of homeplugs are necessary, you do not need to bother with the software installation as instructed.

  111. Mat said:

    So, Faculty-X, from what you are saying, I need 2 wireless homeplugs just to extend my wireless into another room?!
    That makes no sense!
    I thought it was just ethernet, no ‘compatibility issues’!
    Whatever the speed, why would a 85mbps one and a 200mbps one plugged into the same ring main not see each other?! And even just trying to connect up the 200mbps wired one doesnt work! It doesnt see it in the utility! AND the WiFi one I CAN connect to but the default password is wrong! This is connecting to them seperately. I already have a network, I was hoping to extend the WiFi to my bedroom by plugging just a wired one into the router and a WiFi one in the bedroom. Why wouldnt that work?

  112. Mat said:

    Or do you mean get two wired ones? at 200mbps and just have a wire in the other room?
    Even that is not what I’m looking for.
    So how can I just connect one to a port on the router, plug the other one in in my bedroom and have WiFi working in the bedroom? What do I need for that. From everything I’ve read I thought I had it right.
    Why can I not even connect to the WiFi one’s admin page on admin/admin doesnt log me in.

  113. Mat said:


    Homeplugs merely replace the ethernet cable by using a converstion that will co-exist with the 50hz power supply.

    So why would it matter whether the speed is different?

  114. Mat said:

    Also the instruction pdf mentions an ‘NMK’ button. Mine just has ‘Reset’ and ‘Security’.

  115. Mat said:

    For instance, I can still see a 100mbit network card on the same network as a gigabit or 10 mbit… why arer these 85mbit and 200mbit any different? Yes, they’ll go with the lowest common denominator – ie 85mbps at the ‘end’ device, but that’s fine. It should still work. I’ve just tried again to connect to just the wired HP200SG connected directly to my PC, the utility just wont see it. Tried lots of IP addresses, the one in the instructions, obviously, too. And none of it is working!
    Really not happy.

  116. Mat said:

    Surely the HP200SG adapter is like a ‘converter’ so that normal ethernet can run over the electrical wires. Then any other Powerline boxes on your ring main ‘decode’ back to wired or wifi in the other location in the building?
    So you plug the HP200SG into the router and a mains socket, and any other Homeplug device on your ring main will be able to connect to that LAN, no?!

  117. Mat said:

    Just read in the FAQs about the different ‘frequencies’ the 85/200 use. So Do I send back the 200mbit wired, as it’s wireless I want to extend? And then get an 85mbps wired to go with my 85mbps wireless?

    I see this now, however that doesnt change the fact that SEPERATELY I have not been able to connect or detect either of these devices!
    The admin password on the WiFi one is not what is said in the instructions. And the utility doesnt pick up the wired one even when it’s plugged into my computer (tried on 3 different ones now, 2 laptops and a PC).

  118. Faculty-X said:

    no not two wireless homeplugs, but the do need to be the same speed, as the etherent signal goes into the homeplug this gets converted into frequency that can co-exist with the 50hz that the power cycles at, the 85mbps plugs and 200mbps plugs use different frequencies.
    it would be like tuning a radio into radio 1 & radio 2 at the same time.

    as with all networks the slowest part dictates the overall speed so it makes no senseto make 85mbps & 200mbps compatible, it would just render the 200mbps to 85 anyway.

  119. Faculty-X said:

    homeplugs convert 85mbps & 200mbps too different frequencies that can co-exist with 50hz electical current, the two are on different frequencies.

  120. Faculty-X said:

    nmk is the security buttom.

  121. Faculty-X said:

    you really will not get the two to talk to each other, they are not at all compatible.

  122. Faculty-X said:

    its according to which speed you wish to keep, send back the one that is not the speed you wish to achieve and replace with its like for like replacement in the other speed system.

  123. Kevin said:

    I have a set of devlo due homeplugs and I tried to connect to my Sky+ box to enable Sky Anytime+ with the adapters connected the Sky box doesn’t pick up the IP address. When connected directly to router by long cable it works fine –
    any ideas

  124. Faculty-X said:

    Could be various thing, but most likely the ethernet cable or intereference to the plug if into a multi plug, homeplugs should always be in there own socket.

  125. Kevin said:

    Yes I thought that too so I plugged into a clear outlet and no joy, also used same cable to verify the connection direct to router also.
    So cable ok and outlet checked also.

  126. Faculty-X said:

    Have you established that the homeplugs work, i.e. connect on to your router and one into a laptop?
    is the etherent port on the sky box enabled?

  127. Kevin said:

    Yes confirmed homeplugs work, confirmed Sky+ account active and enabled (its works when I connect a 10m Ethernet lead between my router and the Skybox).
    It’s weird as all elements seem fine on their own, I was wondering if the Sky+ box had any known problems with Homeplug technology?

  128. Faculty-X said:

    homeplugs should easily work with the Sky+ box, if they are old Devolo units it may pay to upgrade the firmware available here

  129. Jez said:

    I wish to connect my pc & router via Homeplugs (hardwired) and also extend my wireless network to cover dead areas. What would be the best combination and speeds?

  130. Faculty-X said:

    200mbps homeplugs are currently the best that include a range of wired / wireless adapters.


  131. Dazzler said:

    I have a Edimax 1Gbps router and Edimax 200 powerline adapters. If I plug my laptop directly into the router, I get a 1Gbps connection. However, if I plug the router into one powerline and my laptop into another downstairs, I get only 100mbps! I would have tought I’d get 200mbps. Do you know why I may be getting only 100?

  132. Faculty-X said:

    THe 200mbps homeplugs have 100mbps etherent ports, data is 100mbps up and 100mbps down to acheive total throughput.

  133. Dazzler said:

    Many thanks. That’s quite misleading really, since you’d expect from a stated 200 mbps to achieve that. When you say up and sown, are you just referring to teh data going in both directions?

  134. Faculty-X said:

    networking protocols such as the Homeplug and 802.11 wireless…which is at best 50% efficient as a protocol stack, compared to 90% ish for wired ethernet so

    100Mbps wired ethernet is 90% = 90Mbps real throughput at the application layer (what you see)

    802.11g wireless – 50% = approx 26Mbps throughput

    Homeplug AV – 45% efficient = 90Mbps – hence the need for only 100mbps ports

    those are all in the lab, rather than the real world, ethernet being a cable, as long as its shielded, stays about the same.

    With wireless and powerline you have radio interference in the air and line noise to deal with, hence lots of re-transmissions – plug a powerline adapter in a socket next to a switched transformer (like your mobile charger) and watch your throughput drop by half or more.

    Whats worse is that line noise “adds-up” so the more things that are plugged in on the same ring main, the more background “noise” there is to overcome

  135. Ste Tinsley said:

    Hey, I was reading through your guide because I was concerned when I saw an unrecognised computer on my network after having installed home plugs in my house. After further investigation I have found out that the computer is actually my neighbours. Not only can I see her computer on my network I can actually connect to her internet when there is no home plug connected to my router which means I am actually connected through her router. I have spoken to her about this and although we don’t have any problems with this I would like to know how i can stop this from happening. Thanks

  136. Faculty-X said:

    setup the encryption on your plugs to block other traffic.

  137. Guy said:

    I want to purchase the Solwise with the wireless N for my bedroom (I use the laptop there the most) can I use the double pack of Solwise 200 with one connected to the router downstairs and the other in another room as well?

  138. Faculty-X said:

    Yes that would be fine, plug one homeplug into your router and as long as you stick to the same speed, 200mbps in your case you can add other plugs where it suits you, still only one is needed at the router regardless of how many others you have upto 10.

  139. Tim said:

    I have two Solwise adapters working perfectly, both wired & Wireless. However, I can’t find a way to secure/password protect the wireless connection. Can anyone help?

  140. Faculty-X said:


    You have not said which model you have but this will be covered in the manual supplied with the wireless plug.
    In general though, connect to the plug, type in its ip address to bring up the web configuration page, go to the wireless section, select your encryption method (wep, wpa etc) and the code , save and reboot.

  141. Sam said:


    I have a pair of Newlink 85mbps homeplug adapters but have lost the CD that contains the utility to change the encryption etc.

    Does anyone know where this is available online?

    Thanks! :)

  142. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Sam,

    full cd contents including manual and utility for both the 85mbps & 200mbps newlink homeplugs are here.

  143. Chris said:


    I have three pcs at home connected to my router via 85mbps solwise homeplugs (bought from Faculty-X obviously!). At any one point in time a maximum of two of them are being used, mostly for non-intensive web browsing and some online gaming.

    I’ve just moved to BT Infinity with a Homehub 3 router and I’m getting around 31meg download speeds. Will there be any advantage of upgrading to 200mbps or 500mbps+ homeplugs or would I see no real difference?

    Thanks :)

  144. Ellis said:

    I am currently using 3 x Solwise PL 200AV-PUSH homeplugs (purchased from Faculty X), I now need another connection at the same location as one of my homeplugs. Will I need to replace the current homeplug with one that has multiple ports, or is it possible to use an ethernet double adaptor with my current homeplug (giving me 2 x RJ45 connections)? I thought this may be possible as I won’t need to use both connections at the same time.


  145. Faculty-X said:


    Cat5e only uses 2 of the four pairs, splitters are used to remap the RJ45 ports onto both sets of 2 pairs but have to be used both ends.
    you could use a 5 port ethernet switch on the homeplug : http://www.faculty-x.net/5port%20switch.htm or a multiport homeplug: http://www.faculty-x.net/200av-3pe.htm

  146. Mark said:

    Hi – Can you tell me if a Solwise PL200AV-PIGGY is compatable with a 200mbps 3port ethernet powerline adapter?


  147. Mr Terry Ibbitson said:


    I wonder if you could help please?

    I have a Freeview Humax HDR-FOX T2 500GB box and I would like to access BBC iplayer and other internet based media which is now available.

    Would homeplugs be suitable for this?

    I realise I will need two units one near the PC and one near the TV HD box.

    If so does the connection at the PC end go from the homeplug into the internet router or from the homeplug to the PC? I understand the connection at the HD box end.

    I hope you could please help with this query.



    Terry Ibbitson

  148. Faculty-X said:

    One homeplug connects via the supplied cable into the router and one connects to the humax box.

    no software needs to be installed for this setup so you can ignore the instructions, the pc is not parts of the network, the humax box will talk directly to the router.

  149. Faculty-X said:

    yes these two products are 100% compatible.

  150. Rory said:

    Hi, I have supplied a pair of Newlink IP-WPWE-85M Wireless Homeplug Adaptersto a client, but nowhere can I find a firmware download, which they state they need to work, with a Netgear Router to extend his wired/wireless network. I have searched the web, even by chipset but to no avail. Can you provide a link for version 1.6+

  151. Faculty-X said:

    You do not need a firmware upgrade to work, they are router independent, you just plug one 85mbps homeplug into your router and wireless homeplugs in other location on the same power supply.
    switch the dchp off and let the router control ip address on the network.

  152. Mick said:

    I have a pair of net-x EPL-9200 AV Powerline Adaptors,one is connected to my DrayTek Router and the other to my PS3. They only have one Port on each of the adaptors and i wanted to also connect to my TV which is at the same location as my PS3. Would your 3 Port Homeplug NL-HP2003PORT be compatable to replace the one i have at my PS3 so i can pulg in 2 ethernet cables from it to my PS3 and TV?

    Thanks Mick

  153. Stuart said:

    I have a Newline Homeplug connected to a Netgear router which which work likes a dream. I have recently purchased from you a Solwise (PL-85PEW_MK3 85Mbps Powerline ) Wireless plug and although I can wirelessly connect to it, it doesn’t connect to the router. It does, however, work if I plug directly into the router, but that defeats the object of the exercise.
    Are all the products compatible? Have I bought the wrong product?


  154. Chris said:

    What home plugs would you recommend for me to use with my to 2 Sky+ HD Boxes?thanks

  155. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps would be fine for sky+ HD : http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20homeplug%20200av.htm
    500mbps would be superb : http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20500mb+%20homeplugs.htm

  156. Faculty-X said:

    is your routers ip address instead of the more common
    If so you need to connect to the homeplugs setup page and adjust the lan setting to, save to rom and then reboot your router, this will now be part of the network.

  157. Faculty-X said:

    yes the 200mbps 3 port homeplug will be compatible with your existing 200mbps Av homeplugs

  158. Andy F said:

    I am planning on creating a powerline network at home.

    The BB sky router is next to a single socket in the hall.

    I have a PS3 and a SKY HD+ box in the living room

    In my office I have a PC and a MAC

    I need to do this as cheap as possible so I would presume a pair of 3 Port Homeplug NL-HP2003PORT for the office and the living room would be ok, but what device would you recommend to use to start the network. I need a pass through would a Newlink 200mbps NLHP-200PTDL be ok?

  159. Faculty-X said:

    Yes you are correct on all accounts,2x 3 port homeplugs and the newlink pass through to start with would be ideal as it keeps the power socket free.

  160. John Lee said:

    I have a BT hub installed in an upstairs bedroom and wish to connect to a sony led tv downstairs in order to use bbc i player etc Can I do this by using homeplugs instead of the (expensive) sony dongle? If so what spec homeplugs would be best and would they be plug and play?

  161. Faculty-X said:


    Yes this would be a perfect solution, 200mbps homeplug AV models would be recommended, one connected to your router and one to your TV, no need to install any software or follow the supplied guides., just plug them both in and switch on.

  162. KEN STAMPS. said:

    hi there, have used a pair of your solwise pl-85pe-mk2 adaptors between my pc and sony tv, can get bbc i player and photos from my pc but cannot access my email site or ebay,?. have registered my tv with sony uk. any advice would be welcome.

    regards ken stamps.

  163. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Ken,

    The homeplugs are working ok as you are getting iplayer etc, must be a setting on the tv, password correct etc?
    I take it the tv has this function for email and web browsing.

  164. JohnG said:

    Is it possible to have two separate homeplug link signals in the same building (on the same ring main) i.e. will they talk across each other or will the signals become confused and drop out?

  165. Faculty-X said:

    you can do this by using two separate homeplugs speed units as they work on different signals.
    you would need to plug an 85mbps homeplug and a 200mbps homeplug into your router or switch and use the two speeds at the other end to differentiate the signal as required.

  166. Derek Cosslett said:

    I have a pair of Max Value 85 Mbps Home Plugs. Can Will the 85mbps Homeplug & Wireless Combination Adapter NL-85PEW work with the Max Value plugs or will I need to buy a matched pair?

  167. Faculty-X said:

    yes the 85mbps wireless homeplug will work fin with your existing plugs.

  168. KevinG said:

    I want to set up homeplugs in my new house, but the pc is currently in the converted garage, which has its own fuse box. It all runs from the same electricity meter though. Is it likely to work?

    Also, how much does an extension lead degrade the signal? I have little choice at the router end since there is only a single plug there and the router itself needs to be plugged in.

  169. Faculty-X said:

    The Homeplugs should be fine as long as the garage is not too far away, a range of 200 metres of wiring is quoted.

    Mullti-gang sockets however are not advised, to work around this use a pass through type homeplug, these have a filtered 3 pin plug built into the front so the plug socket is kept free for your router etc and the interference is reduced.

  170. jon mortimer said:

    Hello, Can I use an alternative ethernet cable? unfortunately we do not have a socket near to the computer, playstation and Tv, so this makes it impossible to use other than run a longer lead direct to a spare socket about 7metres away.

    Hope you can advise

    Many Thanks


  171. Faculty-X said:


    Yes you can use upto 100 metres of cat5e cable with no signal loss.

  172. Rob said:

    (1) Hi, currently have 2 solwise 85MBs installed (1 to Buffalo wireless router which although downstairs is on upsatiars ring main, one to a PC downstairs) and 1 Homeplug turbo 85MBs to PC upstairs with final PC upstairs revering to wireless after failure of 2nd Homeplug Turbo.I regularly see speeds of 20 -70+MBs on individual homeplugs (higher on upstairs PC) and based on comments elsewhere about likely speeds from 200MBs and 500 MBs AND the fact that the ethernet connections are 10/100 , is there likely to be any benefit from upgrading to 200, 500 or even Gigabit ?

    (2)Depending on answer to (1) , with the failure of 1 plug and also wishing to move from wireless connection on PS3 and Bluray player to ethernet , I was considering getting the 3xLAN 6 power piggy 200MBs for use with PS3 and Blu Ray for the benefit of free sockets but replacing other connections (Router and 3 x PCs) with either 500 MBs or Gigabit plugs. Although I understand they will be compatible, will there be any use in having the 500 or Giga if the PS3/Blu Ray are @ 200 ?

    Thanks for your assistance

  173. Martin said:

    Just purchased 2 85Mb units but can’t get them to work. The lights come on but they refuse to communicat ewith each other. Have loaded the power utility but iot can’t see these powerline adapters and when the software loads says that it can’t find the database?

    Any ideas, otherwise I’ll need to return these to Amazon sayiong that they don’t work

  174. Faculty-X said:


    i would uninstall the software and try running them without, the software is not needed for homeplugs.

    Just plug one into a power socket near your router, connect the cable from the pug into a free socket on your router and switch on, connect the second home plug via the cable to the device the other end and again switch the power on, this should just work.

  175. Faculty-X said:


    You would get a benefit with 200mbps homeplugs but you would not see any real gain with any faster plugs.

  176. Ged said:


    I have two 85Mbps NL-HPDUAL powerlines without reset or security buttons. I needed an extra unit with a top mounted port and bought a Netgear Powerline AV+200 Kit (two adapters)but neither brand communicates with the other; is this because of the speed difference?
    With this in mind, if I bought another (either 85 or 200) from you would/should they work as the third unit that I require?
    Lastly, I use the Wii via a dongle so will going for a 200 Mbps unit be better for Iplayer?

  177. Faculty-X said:


    85mbps and 200mbps are not compatible with each other as they work on different frequencies, a quick guide to home plug speed is here: http://www.faculty-x.net/homeplug-blog/?p=7

    They do however co-exist and talk over each other, so you could plug one of your new 200mbps plugs into your router as well and use the other on your iplayer device and effectively have two network running at once.

  178. Rob said:

    hi again – thanks for your response to my last query 13.08.11. Based on your advice I have opted now for 200MBs system mains pass through(replacing older 85 MBs). I purchased 4 x Newlink 200MBs pass through AND 3 way 200MBs 6 power socket piggy. The latter is yet to arrive BUT plugged in 1 unit to router , and one each to 3 PCs (one downstairs back room, two upstairs but same ring mane as the one in router. I have 2 separate queries

    1. when checking using the new software on downstairs PC, see all 4 new devices (and the indication is good improvment in indicated speed). Each PC can access shared folders on other PCs and use Brother wireless network printer i.e. the local network running OK. However one of the upstairs PCs will not now access internet – Vista network display shows red X – diagnose/repair fails to solve problem as has turning off and restarting router? Not sure if also linked but wifes laptop although picking up strong signal from router AND using wireless network printer cannot also access internet ?

    2. On a separate point because of the above problem (and also know neighbour not having PC or other wifi device) have not yet set passwords and privacy option on the powerpacket utility. However have tried to use the push button system on each plug – to set the security. However despit following the instructions (and knowing they do see each other on network) after pressing button on 1 (<3sec) and then another (<3 sec) they remain with just the power light flashing which the manual indicates a fault and that the units cannot locate each other ? Can you explain how the devices are showing up as visible to each other in network but when try to set the security they never get past the continuous flashing ?
    Thanks for your help

  179. Derek Cosslett said:

    I have a netgear router a couple of standard home plugs and a wifi home plug. Everything works ok but I now have two wireless signals the original and now one called power line. I have also bought a iPad which can connect to both signals a new wifi printer that can print from the iPad and my laptop using the power line signal but my desktop cannot find the printer. Any suggestions.

  180. Ian said:

    I currenlty have dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N Starter Kit 1409. The single unit is connected to my wouter and the wireless unit is located upstairs.

    I want to add in 2 more powerplugs to cover other areas of my house. I require one with a single RJ45 connection and another with a triple port.

    I was thinking of purchasing Newlink 200mbps Homeplug NL-HP200 and 3 Port Homeplug NL-HP2003PORT

    Would these work with my current devices?

  181. James Taylor said:

    Hi, I have 2 Newlink 500mbps units and was looking to add another unit, but needed 3 ports on the new unit. You don’t seem to offer a 500mps unit with 3 ports so would the 200mbps 3 port Homeplug work with my 500mps units? Many thanks in advance!

  182. James S said:

    Hi, Just looking into this setup for my father in law who has walls that must have been designed to house inmates! The router is on the upstairs ring main (separate fuse in fuse box) and downstairs where we want the wireless is on a separate ring main. Do these devices work over the separate rings?


  183. Faculty-X said:


    Yes these would both be 100% compatible with your setup.

  184. Faculty-X said:


    We have a 4 port 500mbps homeplug that is compatible with our newlink 500mbps homeplug range.
    http://www.faculty-x.net/NET-PL-500AV-4PE.htm for £47.50 currently.

  185. Faculty-X said:

    Yes homeplugs will work accross seperate rings mains of the same consumer / fuse box

  186. Andy said:

    The wireless signal in my house was very poor so
    I bought 2x Newlink 200mbps NLHP-200PTDL and 2x 3 Port Homeplug NL-HP2003PORT to connect a Sky HD box, PS3, A media server, a PC and a MAC. Products are fantastic and were unbelievably easy to install, but most importantly the service received from Faculty X was superb. It even freed up my apple airport to allow me to stream music. Could not be happier with everything.


  187. Faculty-X said:

    Thank you very much :-)

  188. ken montgomery said:

    What is the best to buy for. Xbox 360 online gaming

  189. Valerie said:

    Can I use a Solwise ethernet adapter to improve the internet signal to a radio. I just installed 2 adapter plugs to improve the wireless signal for a Laptop in the house? The radio is in a different rooom to the PC.

  190. Faculty-X said:


    yes you can plug one home plug into your router and another in your internet radio as long as it has an ethernet port available.

  191. Faculty-X said:

    200mbps homeplugs would be ample for this, any of our range would be fine: http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20homeplug%20200av.htm

  192. Kevin said:

    I have a BT homehub 3 and wish to provide a connection to my son’s PC upstairs as well as the Playstation in the lounge. Will there be any benefit opting for a 500mbps rather than 200mbps. Any suggestions ?

  193. Faculty-X said:

    For general internet connection use no not really, if your are streaming media between devices you would feel the benefit though.

  194. Joe said:

    Hi, just planning to buy some homeplugs for my Mac and Xbox in the same room as the wireless in our house is terrible even with 30Mb fibre optic internet and a N router. I’m not planning to move files around the house, just get an ethernet connection for the 2 devices and use it for gaming and watching HD stuff online, as well as using game streaming. Would a 200Mbs pair be enough or should I spring for some 500Mbs ones? I’m trying to avoid the Belking Gigabit ones as I’ve heard some bad things about them.

  195. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps homeplugs would be fine.

  196. Gil said:

    Are there real benefits in upgrading to a pair of 500 Mbps plugs with Gigabit port, instead of the 200 Mbps version with the std 10/100′s? I am currrently using 85 Mbps plugs.

  197. kaydee said:

    I am thinking of getting a pair of Devolo 500 units – will my Devolo 200 AV wireless n unit still work if I replace the current 200 ‘send’ unit with a 500?

  198. Faculty-X said:

    Yes these two will work together, the speed between plugs would however be limited to the slowest one.

  199. Faculty-X said:

    You will notice an increase in speed across the network.
    If this is for general internet use you would not really notice any difference, if you are transferring large files around your home network than the speed would be benifical.

  200. Tonyarm said:

    I have 2 (probably) 85mbps adapters which worked perfectly when I plugged them in. One of these is upstairs attached to the BT Infinity router. I pluged one in downstairs and have attached my Sony deskyop to it – works great. I’ve just bought 2 Xenta 200M PLC passthrough adapters. When I plug on of these in to atach to my WD TV Live media player it is not recognised. Is this to do with the speeds or is some setup required. the new ones come with a cd with an installation programme. I though they just worked out of the box. I’m a technical novice so any help would be appreciated.

  201. Faculty-X said:

    All is not lost plug both an 85and 200 mbps homeplug into your router ao networks running at different speeds.

  202. brian cantwell said:

    Is there any way to overcome the limitation (whatever it is) when there is more than one consumer unit. My situation is that wifi wont work in my shed and it has its own consumer unit/distribution board so I’ve assumed Homeplug wont work.
    Thnking you in anticipation.

  203. Jay said:

    I have bought a Netricity HD Adapter Powerline 200M Wireless-N AP Kit. Works fine apart from I cannot get in to configure the wireless security so it is currently unlocked for all to use. please help!

  204. Faculty-X said:

    You should be able to log onto in like any router usually via on a web browser and enter its setup page.

    I would switch of your wireless router in case they conflict.

    scan and connect to the wireless home plug and open a browser, the and you should be able to set up.
    If the address has changed, look at your computer that is connected and the gateway address should be the homeplugs address (router still off)

  205. Faculty-X said:

    As long as they are on the same power meter and single phase you should find that they work, most do.

  206. Mike said:

    I originally had a homeplug network comprising 3 Devolos and a wireless Solwise. Loved it. I then bought a another plug which came with the Power Packet Utility (PPU) software. In the course of installing the additional plug I used PPU to change the names of the existing plugs so I could remember which is which. Unfortunately these new names conflict with the SSIDs of each plug and so PPU, having allowed me to change their names, cannot nowrecognise them to enable me to change them back! This effectively means I’ve lost 3 homeplugs. Help!

  207. Miggy d said:

    I have a big house can I use 2 solwise pl-200 av-pew-n wireless homeplugs at different ends of the house and 1 standard home plug at the router ?

  208. Damian said:

    Wow. After many hours head scratching and trying to work out the ambiguously translated manual I have LAN internet via the plug. I had to re-assign the plugs IP address to one in the router’s range. I also switched off the plug’s DHCP. This was not intuitive (to a non IT person), explained anywhere, or easy to work out. I repeat from my earlier post – not plug and play.
    Thanks for the swift delivery though :)

  209. Faculty-X said:

    Yes this would be a perfect setup to cover a large house.

  210. Faculty-X said:

    i would factory reset all the plugs and start from afresh.

  211. John Swarbrick said:

    Hi I already have 3 homeplugs but may need 2 more and was looking to see if all of them could be housed by buying the multi surge protector product. Would I need 2 of the new product(one either end) or could I just use an existing Homeplug at the router end and the protector at the other?


  212. aldo said:

    is it possible to use homeplugs to send tv signals direct from a set top box (virgin media Tivo) to another tv in a different room? My house has thick walls and wireless digisenders are poor and I can’t easily install cables. Hopeplugs seem the perfect solution but I’d need to connect via HDMI or Scart and not ethernet and so is such a thing possible, perhaps with an additional adapter??

  213. Christine Waters said:

    I would appreciate some help and advice. I have a homeplug setup using 5 x 85mbps plugs. I got the plugs from Amazon some time ago. There is no make on them but the supplier is listed as Max Value. The plugs are marked: NL-HPDUAL. They work very well and I have never had a problem with them. Recently I bought one more to add to the network but I could not get it to work. In the end I installed the utility and this told me that my original plugs had firmware version 1.6 but my new plug has f/w version 1.8. Further research leads me to believe that the two versions are not compatible and trying to upgrade 1.6 to 1.8 carries a high risk of rendering the original plugs unusable. Can you shed any light on this? If I return the plug to Amazon will one of your products work with my existing network? Thanks.

  214. Faculty-X said:


    This model is the same plug, i.e. hl-hp singles & Duals: http://www.faculty-x.net/homeplug%20value%20range.htm
    so compatibility should not be an issue.

  215. Faculty-X said:

    no sorry, the scart adapters etc are just remapping the wires of an ethernet cable so homeplugs would not pass this signal.

  216. Faculty-X said:

    if the existing homeplugs you have are AV 200mbps compliant models then you can just use a multi plug with the surge built in:

  217. Fred Jones said:

    I want to use homeplugs from my router to a place where I have a TV, BluRay player, and PS3, all of which need a LAN connection. Can I just add a LAN switch at the “receiving” end homeplug so that I can connect these three devices? Thanks!

  218. Faculty-X said:

    Yes one home plug at your router and one home plug into a network switch, with the device also connected to the switch would work fine or you can use a multipart home plug at the media end: http://www.faculty-x.net/NET-PL-500AV-4PE.htm with a single port at your router: http://www.faculty-x.net/NET-PL-500AV.htm

  219. Mr P Townsend said:

    I have a Homeplug home network with 2 x 85Mbps NL-HPDuals and 1 x PL-85PEW_Mk2. Recently the wireless Homeplug stopped working and it has been replaced by Solwise. Unfortunately the new item is not recognised by my network. All the lights operate when activated, I can access the setup page, and the SSID is broadcast, but I cannot connect to the router. Connections through my other Homeplugs are fine. I reset all my system to the 192.168.1.xxx subnet and have tried changing the new Homeplug to my 192.168.0.xxx subnet, but to no avail. Can you help? I do not want to have to return the unit again.

  220. Mark H-P said:

    I have just recieved two of your 85mbps wireless access points which I want to use to extend a network that is driven from an 85mbps ‘max value’ adapter off my BT broadband router.
    When I switch on the wireless plug, I can get a wireless connection to my network but no internet access and the other wired homeplugs also loose the internet connection.
    Can you advise as to what’s happening / what I need to do?
    Many thanks!

  221. Faculty-X said:


    The DCHP will be enabled on all the wireless plugs but you only need on dchp running on your network at the gateway, the bt home hub in your case.

    Find the ip address of your hub, something along the lines of
    connect to each of the wireless plugs webpage setup screen and set the lan to a free ip address in that range of your home hub. ie. & and then in the wireless section set the dchp to disabled.

    save to ram on both the homeplugs and let them reboot, then reboot your home hub.

    job done.

  222. Mark H-P said:

    Many thanks for your advice, all now working!


  223. lem said:

    Hi i’ve just received NL-HPWL85 powerline wireless access point from you. However i purchased NL-85PEW as it’s referred to on your site, are they one and the same? Anything to do with Solwise PL-85PEW? Anyway i have set it up but for some reason i can only get internet access when connected through the LAN port but not when connected via WIFI. I get no inbound data when connected with WIFI but my router shows me as connected with no problems in it’s IP pool. I have tried with security on and off with no luck. There are no IP conflicts and the WIFI channels of router and homeplug do not overlap with each other and there are no neighbouring networks either (tested using inSSIDer software). Any idea why it will work fine through the LAN port but not with WIFI? WIFI access is the whole reason i bought it.

  224. Faculty-X said:


    The DCHP will be enabled on all the wireless plugs but you only need on dchp running on your network at the gateway, the bt home hub in your case.

    Yes the pug is one and the same, we use a different stock code.
    This will need the ip putting in the range of the routers and the dchp disabling.
    Find the ip address of your hub, something along the lines of
    connect to the wireless plugs webpage setup screen and set the lan to a free ip address in that range of your router. ie. & and then in the wireless section set the dchp to disabled.

    save to ram on both the homeplugs and let them reboot, then reboot your router.

    job done.

  225. lem said:

    Superfast reply thanks, DCHP was already disabled. After a hard reboot at the plug socket of the homeplug it actually started to work with the laptop i was using to set it up, but doesn’t work with any mobile phones, my internet radio, or any of the 3 other laptops in the household. The phones and radio just won’t connect to the homeplug, while the laptops connect but there is no throughput. The encryption is on, and using the exact same method as my existing router but even without encryption the same problems occur. Any other ideas?

  226. Faculty-X said:

    have you set the lan address to the same range as your router with the last three number unique, unused and within the range 1-254.

    if yes a router reboot is usually required with the plug running as the routers did not assign the ip address so will not find it straight away.

  227. lem said:

    The LAN address of homeplug is, the laptop that works with the homeplug shows as default gateway, as do the laptops that don’t work with it but do connect. All the IP’s of connected devices register individually on my router DCHP pool. The internet radio and mobile phones will not connect to the homeplug even with me manually forcing TCP/IP settings. Encryption or not makes no difference and all devices have been running on same encryption on router with no problems. I’ve tried lots of rebooting but no joy. The fact that one laptop works fine while nothing else will is very confusing, possibly something to do with the fact i have had it connected via LAN cable initially?

  228. lem said:

    OK, i disconnected the first homeplug from the router, leaving the NL85PLW on… all devices connected to it easily but with some IP conflicts due to DCHP being off. Then i reconnected the homeplug at the router and disconnected and reconnected all devices to the NL85PLW, my router re-assigned non conflicting IPs and suddenly everything is working fine – i don’t know how or why, but i can only hope this helps someone encountering my problems and saves them from the headache i’ve had today! Thanks also to Faculty-X for being so helpful and responsive through this mini forum too – it’s a customer service that puts most other stores to shame!

  229. Steve said:

    I’m trying to configure an Edimax HP-200APn Powerline adapter with wireless access point so that I can connect a Sony Bravia TV via ethernet and extend my wireless coverage from the Draytek Vigor2830Vn adsl wifi router.
    I have a pair of Newlink NL-HP200DL plugs, one of which is cabled to the router.
    I can access the Edimax on by cable from my laptop and use the setup.
    1.I tried changing the LAN IP of the adapter to my network range, i.e. 192.168.1.x
    2.I tried adding a 2nd IP in my network range.
    3.I tried leaving it as it is and connecting.
    With each of these I failed to connect my Windows 7 laptop to the network or internet via ethernet.
    Can you tell me what the right setting for the LAN is?
    With the Wireless settings – should I give it the same SSID as my router and should I use WDS and set it to a bridge, or repeater, or not use WDS at all?

    I did have this working before but I’ve forgotten how I set up the Edimax.

    Any help you can give will be very much appreciated.

  230. Faculty-X said:

    connect to your edimax homeplug access-point, change its ip address to the same range as your draytek i.e and disable the dchp on this wireless homeplug.
    save this setting and reboot the homeplug wireless adapter.

    with the connections all made and the homeplugs all on reboot the draytek.

    ssid id and password can be different. you just need to scan for and connect as required.
    dont use wds at all, just have the homeplug as an access-point.

  231. Steve said:

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ve set it as you said. Should I set the Gateway to the router IP? I’ve tried it both ways.
    Connecting laptop to either the Edimax or Newlink plugs doesn’t work. The laptop is given an IP like
    169.254.x.x on
    If I fix the IP on the laptop to on I can get to the Edimax screen but not to my router, nor the internet.
    Both plugs can see all three plugs in the Edimax homeplug software. The third plug is in the loft.
    I’ve reset both plugs, set up the edimax as suggested and rebooted the router. Do you have any suggestions because I’m lost. Can’t understand why the Newllink doesn’t give me access after pressing the reset as there’s no setup interface and it should just work.

  232. Faculty-X said:

    yes your gateway to the internet is the router, this is the only device that should be serving ip addesses via dchp, this is enabled on your router? You have enough free ip addresses free?
    set the gateway on the wireless homeplug as the routers ip address.
    as you have assigned the address manually you would need to reboot the router for these to be seen.

  233. Steve said:

    OK, finally got it working after I went into the loft and reset the plug up there. Sony Bravia gets a network IP ok, can see the internet but can’t see the PC for accessing files. PC is set up correctly because the other Sony Bravia TV can see it. Nothing new there though. It may suddenly start working like the other one did. Thank you, it really helps you persevere if you’ve been told what the right track is.

  234. Anthony Pardoe said:

    I wish to connect my Television to the internet – possibly for straming films. What speed of Home plug would I need – I do not want to purchase a 500mps if 200 would be adequate?

  235. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps are more than adequate, currently the iplayer bandwidth is around 2mb/sec

  236. Robert Nixon said:

    I have just purchased an additional plug from Amazon to add to my network, but it has no buttons on the bottom which i need to use to add it.?

  237. Faculty-X said:

    are they the same speed plugs, 200mbps have the link button, 85mbps plugs do not, the two won’t communicate with each other if that is the case.

  238. mark said:

    hi, is there anyway to convert homeplugs at either end to hdmi? many thanks.

  239. Faculty-X said:


    No sorry, the ethernet adapters that convert to hdmi are just re-mapping the wires, this would then not work with data for homeplugs.

  240. Micky Pepper said:

    Hi, any help gratefully recieved. Have spent a most of the day trying to resolve this. What are the likely problems when Powerline doesn’t plug and play?

    I have a BT Homehub 2.0 in a relatively new house so wiring good. Have now moved the adaptor and laptop into same room as BT Hub and main connection to try and fix.

    The 1394 network connection is OK. The local area network shows limited or no connectivity.

    I have re-set the Homehub – hard reset button and also the two AV500 adaptors (via the Powerline Utility software, rather than their reset buttons). I have not seen any information about “pairing” being required, after reset, so in this problem solving phase have left both on factory reset.

    The Powerline Utility schematic shows only the laptop and one Powerline Adaptor. Not the rest of the network or second adaptor.

    Looking at Homehub in admin mode I see all the PC/laptop/iphone/printer connections but not the main Powerline adaptor connection.

    I have tried to “repair” the internet connection -without success. but that is about the limit of my technical knowledge, so far.

    There are no device or other conflicts showing.
    Am i missing something obvious?

    Operating system is Windows XP Media Centre 2002 SPack 3.

    cheers in anticipation.

  241. Dan said:

    I want to set up a small server in our loft where i have an office. I do not want to have the phone points moved so HomePlug seems ideal to get a connection up there.
    We have a TalkTalk wireless router at the moment. Is it possible to just run a cable from the router into the first HomePlug to make the network and then use other home plugs as well as the existing wifi?

  242. Faculty-X said:


    Yes you are correct.
    Just plug one home plug into your router and plug the other into your server in the loft, for a server 500mbps homeplugs would be recommended.

  243. Faculty-X said:


    You do not need the utility and this may be causing the problem initially, reset the plugs, plug one into a Lan port of your homehub, plug the other into the laptop and ensure the Lan port of the laptop is set to obtain an Ip address automatically.
    The reasons it would not work are a probably a faulty ethernet cable, try swapping with another if you have it, the home hub has its dchp off, its on by default so unless you know you have changed this, discount.
    The homeplugs would no show on the network as they do not take an ip address and are transparent on the network, you only see the items they connect to, i.e. your laptop.
    the 1394 is the firewire port on the laptop.

  244. Alex said:

    hi. i recently got a virgin phone line and it came with one of their own routers. i get 30MB internet, but my ps3 upstairs is having problems with getting the signal from the router. if i use homeplugs to connect my router to my ps3, will they slow down my internet speed or will i still get 30MB on my ps3?

  245. Peter said:

    Hi Faculty X … I have only just found this site and I have to say how great it is – both in terms of your product price points and the degree of support that is being offered to ‘non techies’, like me. Absolutely brilliant! Now for my problem.. I have fairly recently purchased 2 x Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adaptors, one connects to a Netgear N600 Dualband ADSL Modem Router, which is hard wired to a PC and and the other adapter, is connected to a second PC to provide an internet connection etc – both working aok.

    I would now like to link up a 2 year old Pannasonic HD TV, which is in another room, and which has HDMI, USB and Ethernet Inputs available, as well as SKYHD connected, so as to be able to view my PC and the web on the TV.

    I also have a Panny Blue Ray DVD Player, which along with the TV could do with a Firmware Upgrades.

    Q1 – What 500 Powerline, of yours, would you recommend to be compatiable with the Netgears and Router (Your prices are so much more competive).

    Q2 – If I understand some of the previous threads here, correctly, would I require a Network Switch to connect the new Powerline to and then take Ethernet cables to the other equipment mentioned to be able to get the Firmware updates, or would I need one Powerline for each one. Finally ( Phew.. I said I was no techie lol …

    Q3 I have already tried connecting one of the Netgear 500s to the TV Ethernet input and was able to find and the BBC IPlayer, so that was OK … but I don’t know how I see my PC desktop and use the screen as a monitor etc …

    Can you advise in very ‘simple terms’ as I am over 70 and this is all very alien to me, if this is possible or have I got it all wrong and would need to connect the PC directly – which, unfortunately I cannot do as the equipment is set up in separate rooms etc.

    Sincerest thanks for all your help in this matter, which is very much appreciated and I look forward to placing my order with you by return.
    Best Regards … Peter

  246. doug said:

    1. is it possible to use a multi-port switch plugged into a single port homeplug to connect multiple devices? is this a viable alternative to forking out for a 3 port homeplug?

    2. is it advisable to have a media server on a single port homeplug, or does it not matter if it is on a 3 port homeplug shared with other connecting devices?

    3. my modem/router is a little old – is it worth upgrading to a newer fancier one for homeplug use?

  247. Faculty-X said:


    yes plugging a switch into a home plug makes perfect sense, just uses another socket which some people prefer not to and is a tad tidier.
    I know behind my TV sockets are at a premium, but a switch will have no effect on performance, the multipart plugs are just a built in switch.

  248. Faculty-X said:


    Q1 – The 4 port 500mbps home plug would connect all the devices up with a single compatible plug: http://www.faculty-x.net/NET-PL-HL125G.htm
    Q2 – The plug above is a 500mbps home plug and combined four port switch so will do the requirement perfectly
    Q3 – No sorry this is not how it works, the TV is set to connect to the internet for iplayer etc it would not show your computer screen.

  249. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps homeplugs: http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20homeplug%20200av.htm should be fine for this and not slow down your internet.

  250. Faculty-X said:

    Its announced so should start filtering through in the next few months hopefully.

  251. doug said:

    Thanks for the speedy responses.

    1) Is the 4 port 500mbps homeplug compatible with all 500mbps devices, or should I get the same brand for all homeplug devices?
    2)sorry to be pedantic, but if I go for the 4 port jobby you suggested, i don’t need a homeplug between it and a powerpoint – i know you’ll say i don’t!
    3) i didn’t understand the response to Q3 above.

  252. doug said:

    Hello again
    One more question – is there any difference in the different brands of homeplug?
    I’m considering the Devolo 500 AV range.
    They are quite expensive hence wondering whether “cheaper” homeplugs would more than do the same job.


  253. Faculty-X said:


    We’ve been selling homeplugs for six odd years and have dropped all the brands that give us problems to be honest, we are more than happy to sell any of our current range.
    Devolo would certainly be the best plug in overall packaging, but they all do the same job at the same speeds.

  254. Dan said:

    I am interested in the NL-HP555PT but notice that the software provided is only for Windows. Is it possible and easy to get hold of drivers etc for Linux systems?


  255. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Dan,

    No drivers are required for linux, just plug them in and switch on and they will work straight away.

  256. Leslie said:

    Hello, Faculty-X

    Sorry, to bother but i’m pretty confuse after reading certain comments that are being posted here. May i get an enlightenment. I’ve basically 3 powerplugs, 1 of them are a pair and the other was a stand-alone known as powerplug A, which i bought but forgot it needed to be a pair. They’re a different brand, can they still link up. For example…

    1. to the router, PAIR A
    2. to the desktop, PAIR B
    3. to another desktop, stand-alone powerplug A.

    would i still be able to enjoy up to the maximum speed or even internet access, because i read this site it says you only need one at the router.

    Thanks, Faculty-X

  257. Faculty-X said:


    As long as the homeplugs are the same speed e.g. 200mbps they should be fine together.
    Plug on into your router and the other two can go in different locations.

  258. Hummel said:

    Will the TP-Link TL-SG1005D 5-port switch work in conjunction with the Solwise PL-500AV-Piggy pass through adapter?

  259. Faculty-X said:


    Yes these will work fine together, just plug the ethernet cable from the home plug into the switch and come off the switch to multiple devices all using the home plug network link.

  260. musonic said:

    I am setting up a garden office and am trying to decide the best way to connect to the Internet. I have 30mb broadband in the house, broadcast over a wireless network. I can pick up a useable but weak signal in the garden office. I’d like something a bit more robust but can’t decide between a pair of home plugs, a wifi repeater or an outdoor dongle/antenna. The ideal situation would be to use wifi so that other devices will also be able to connect whilst in the office. What would you recommend?

  261. John said:

    Good Afternoon

    Kinda hoping for some help as i am all out of reading and googling and trying to fix. Here goes.

    Weeks ago i purchased 2xNL-HP200SG homeplugs as there where recommended to use with my virginmedia 100mb broadband as the superhub is upstairs and PS3 is downstairs and wanted to use homeplugs to stop wireless lag when gaming.

    Both homeplugs are plugged in and power and internet lights are green but data is off on both homeplugs.

    I have one home plug in the same room as the virginmedia superhub and a ethernet cable as instructed going from homeplug to superhub but it lights up ok but is amber and not green indicating a problem.

    I have tried countless websites and help tips and current version of the PP Utility is 6.01.01 Build 004 as the one that came with it wouldn’t work.

    Can anyone help me to get these to work as after weeks i have lost heart at the fact i have wasted money and time on these.

    To recap

    Homeplug A is plugged into its own wall socket and ethernet cable running from it into the virginmedia superhub. Homeplug B is downstairs and ethernet cable running into the PS3. I am running windows 7 64bit and it doesn’t see anything related to the homeplugs and nither does PPU.

    HELP please

  262. Faculty-X said:


    You have one connected to your hub and one to your ps3, yes?
    The software is not required at all, just set the ps3 to use wired network instead of wireless and obtain setting automatically.
    The laptop is not part of the link from hub to ps3 so installing the software on it is pointless. Its not going to see the homeplugs or the software on it as its a separate device.

  263. Faculty-X said:

    Homeplugs would probably be your best option as repeaters half the throughput on each link and a stand alone usb adapter will not give wireless to multiple devices.
    The TL-WPA281KIt is very popular at the moment and works very well: http://www.faculty-x.net/TP-Link%20TL-WPA281.htm

  264. John said:

    Yes one connected to the virginmedia superhub and one connected to ps3 butthe ps3 fails when going via wired. I think the issues lies at the suerhub end as above the light on the back of it is amber (orange) when ethernet cable plugged in from homeplug when it should be green.

  265. John said:

    Not sure what i done but i got this to work FINALLY, question would this http://www.faculty-x.net/5port%20switch.htm work with the homeplug? as my Panasonic TV has ethernet port and i would love to use it if this can be used.

  266. Matt said:


    Have just bought the wpa281 starter kit, with the box that connects to my BT home hub and your combined wireless/ethernet at the other side of the house.

    It’s all setup ok, but at the moment I’ve used a different ssid to that of the main router. If I change the tplink wireless box to match my main router ssid can you please tell me how my devices will know which one to connect to? will they always connect to the strongest signal? An explanation of how this would work would be greatly appreciated. I guess I don’t want to be sitting next to my router but with my device still connected to the tplink box at the other side of the house (or vise-versa). I really only want to use one SSID though (much like a repeater would work)

    Great products and I look forward to your response.


  267. Faculty-X said:


    Devices will try to hold on to the network selected as long as possible.
    So if you have the same SSID it will stay on the one device until it is completely lost and then will latch on to the strongest thinking its come back in range, as you rightly say you can end up next to the better signal connected to the weaker one.
    It best it that case to have the SSID set differently so you know which one to select.

  268. Jill Elliot said:

    We have just purchased the Newlink 200 Mbps Powerline Pass Through Ethernet Adapter. We have plugged one into the router and the mains and the other into our Viera TV (which we have just purchased)and again into the mains. It hasn’t worked and we have downloaded the CD which came with it and pressed the security buttons for 2 secs, less than a minute apart but it still hasn’t worked. What are we doing wrong or do you think they may be faulty? Many thanks for any advice you can give us.

  269. Mike said:

    For some reason when I plug the ethernet cord between remote (PLA4225 is the “local” and PLA4225 “remote” powerline adapter) and TV (new Panasonic Viera plasma) the Homeplug connection even though lighted disconnects and the Viera cannot find network. Are there some electrical problems which could cause it (ground loops or other)? When I get the connection working after unplugging the adapters and TV the connection is good, but when the TV set is shut down and restarted the Homeplug connection somehow disconncets.

  270. Faculty-X said:


    is the tv setup for a wired network connection.

  271. Faculty-X said:

    hi, is the tv setup for a wired network connection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrcS1dBfgBI

  272. SJ said:

    Hi, i bought a homeplug twin pack but one of the homeplugs was fried in a storm :/ the other one still works so can i just buy a single unit to replace the broken one? will it still work?

  273. Faculty-X said:

    yes as long as you by the same speed home plug they will work together, they are not matched pair.

  274. Ed said:


    I just purchased the Newlink Model: NLHP-200PTDL and a Solwise 200mbps Homeplug Multi surge protection adapter: PLA-AV-3E PIGGY6. Do these products work together? Just concerned I erroneously bought incompatible kit

    PS Great service, quick delivery.

  275. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Ed,

    These two products are fine together.

  276. Kip Karl said:

    In the FAQs it said the HomePlugs use 5 watts. Is that 5 watts per plug? Is that 5 watts / hour or day?


  277. Faculty-X said:

    Homplugs use circa 5 watts/hour running and around 0.5 watt in standby
    Wireless homeplugs would use a bit more.

  278. Elaine Dennison said:

    I have 2 Max Value 85Mbps homeplugs which have been working well. These are set up so I can use my desktop wirelessly in the kitchen while my husband has the hard wired desktop in his office.
    We only have very slow broadband with BT and have a BT Hub 2 in the office and have Sky HD+ in another room.
    My question is: if I want to connect Sky Anytime+ do I need to buy 3 200 mbps homeplugs and replace the 2 85Mbps that I use already or will buying a single 85Mbps added to the existing 2 work for downloading Anytime+? (There is space on the hub to plug in another homeplug if I just buy 2 200 Mpbs solely for use with Sky Anytime+) Just trying to find the most economical, easiest and best solution. Thank you in advance.

  279. Faculty-X said:


    You can just add one more 85mbps home plug to your Sky HD box for anytime+ and this will link with the two you already have.

  280. Elaine Dennison said:

    Hi, thank you very much for the info and getting back to me so fast!! I will order a plug right now.

  281. loz said:

    Hi, wanted to get some home plugs to allow high def streaming from pc in one room (upnp server running) to my wd tvlive streaming unit in my living room.

    My router (http://beusergroup.co.uk/technotes/index.php?title=Thomson_TG585v7) only works at 100Mb/s , would this mean the data transfer between the two homeplugs would be limited to 100Mb/s?


  282. Faculty-X said:


    Yes the network will be determined by the slowest link.

  283. Phil Maskell said:

    Hi, I have been given 2 x 85M PLC Adaptor’s by a friend. Plugged one into my Virgin Wireless Router with an ethernet cable and then plugged the other into my PC with an Ethernet cable. Took all the relevant information from both adaptors, ran the software, which I downloaded, that works OK until I try an add the adaptors as Device 1 and 2 the software then states I need to upgrade firmware from 1.6 to 1.8. I am struggling now to get this firmware update. Also if I disable my wireless connection on the PC nothing works. Can you please help me and advise what I am doing wrong! Thanks

  284. Bryan Stevens said:

    Hi, I have a couple of Bullion wireless homeplugs. These seem to run on their own unsecured wireless network called Billion-2073N and I can’t see any way to add them to my office network, which is secured and called Churchills. Any ideas on how to do this? I tried contacting Bullion, but they are Chinese and there were a few translation issues!

  285. Faculty-X said:


    Each wireless access-point, 2073n’s in your case will have there own network name to distinguish them from each other, you can set this to be churchill if you prefer, it makes sense to perhaps call them chrchill1, churchill2 etc so you know which one you are connecting to, you can also setup the security by connecting to each ones setup page and entering the code you would like to use.
    The configuration utility for the wireless plug can be downloaded here: http://www.billion.uk.com/esupport/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/260/86/bipac-2073n-wireless-configuration-wizard

  286. Faculty-X said:


    you do not need the software, this is not actually doing anything for the setup.
    Presuming all the lights are on, the plugs work and the cables are OK.

    Plug one into a free ethernet port of your router and one into your pc via another ethernet cable.

    Check your ethernet port is enabled on the pc and its set to accept an ip address automatically and you should be in business.

  287. Phil Maskell said:

    Thanks for the reply, how do I set up the ethernet port to automatically accept an ip address please. I have windows 7 installed.

  288. Andy Parr said:

    I’ve bought three Solwise 500mbps Homeplug AV Ethernet adapters: PL-500AV-Piggy – great service, and great products. One is into the router, one is for the PC, and the last is for a networked Dell 1320CN printer. this was installed and worked ok, but one each reboot, it fails to work. If I unistall and reinstall all is fine until the next boot up.
    Any idea;s how to solve it ? I’ve a feeling DHCP may be the trouble but don’t know what to do. Please help.

  289. Neil said:

    Hi will the 200mbs homeplugs work with other makes of 85mbs homeplugs, if so, how do I get them too?

    Many thanks.

  290. Faculty-X said:


    Sorry 200mbps and 85mbps homeplugs are not at all compatible and can not communicate with each other.
    You can however have the two speeds talk over each other, i.e. plug both a 85mbps home plug & 200mbps home plug into your router and have to networks running at different speeds.

  291. Faculty-X said:


    yes sounds strange, presuming your dchp server has enough addresses to provide all your devices.

    Have you tried giving the printer a fixed ip address?

  292. Andy Parr said:

    I’m running windows 7. I’ve looked at all the options but can’t see where to turn off DHCP for the printer ! The dell installs to 192.168.1.x – going into the printer ports it shows it installed to about 6 different addresses, with the new address allocated when reinstalled being ticked.

    I’ll have another look on the internet to see how I can setup a fixed ip adress.

  293. Amzie said:


    I have 2 x net-x 200mbps Homeplugs and need another one are any of yours compatible with these. I have tried a d link powerline homeplug and it doesn’t work any ideas or do I have to get another 200mbps net-x Homeplug

    Any advice much appreciated


  294. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Amzie,

    Yes they should be fine, all 200mbps homeplugs to the av standard are cross compatible.
    On this point i’m surprised the dlinks are not working, which model are they.

    May pay to reset the net-x plugs and then try to join the dlinks without the link button first.

  295. Martin said:

    Can anyone tell me how to pair Net-X with Solwise? The instructions state to presee the NMK buttons to pair them but their are no buttons on the NET-x homeplugs.

  296. Faculty-X said:


    Are the net-x plugs 200mbps home plug AV plugs, these should all have the pairing button, 85mbps plugs do not.
    85mbps and 200mbps plugs would not talk to each other, if the net-x are 200mbps and not paired as they have no button just plug the solwise in the pairing is not necessary for homeplugs to work.

  297. Martin said:


    Thanks for the prompt reply!

    The link above is the net-x plugs I have. They dont have any pairing buttons.

    This is the Solwise one I have:



  298. Faculty-X said:


    had a google search and can not find much/any info on the net-x.
    The home plug AV standard means that any make of plug in the standard will work with each other and are cross compatible.
    The certainly appear and sound OK.
    two things spring to mind.
    1. have you attempted the pair button on the solwise units, if so reset them back to factory fresh, the home plug units will communicate with each other without pairing, the pairing locks them onto each other and blocks other plugs from pairing for security.
    2. Are you running and software with either the net-x or solwise to create the network, again this is not necessary and could block other plugs from joining if you have created a network this way.
    The only thing that is still nagging me is i have never seen a 200mbps AV standard plug without the pair/nmk button.

  299. Martin said:

    Ok, thanks again for getting back to me. I’ll have another look this evening and revert back.

  300. Faculty-X said:

    I have a sneaking suspicion based on having no pairing button that these could be 85mbps units, were they they New when you brought them?
    The case looks right for 200mbps units and clearly states home plug AV on the picture you link to, would someone have swapped it over, sounds unlikely but people do strange things, are they second hand?

    If you are unable to tell we would be happy for you to post them to us to test them. address as per the website, do include a covering letter and return address though please.

  301. Martin said:

    They were brand new from Amazon. The model is EPL-9200 I think which I understand is 200mbps.

    I will have another look tonight and let you know.

    Thanks again

  302. Faculty-X said:


    Had another dig about the internet.
    The spec sheet for the epl-200 is here: http://www.kabelkon.ro/files/swf/technetix.swf
    on page two, the specs give these as homeplug 1.0 – homeplug Turbo standard which is the 14/85mbps speed units.
    Thats make the name somewhat misleading as these would not work with homeplug Av as they are 200mbps units on a different frequency.

    Again the spec sheet could be wrong, but adding this info to the no nmk button would seems to point to them being only 85mbps.
    The name of the units does somewhat contradict this.

  303. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Martin,

    Me again sorry, got the bit in my teeth over these units & like a challenge.

    i have looked at these on amazon for further clarification on speed as both the name and spec is not adding up, the only other hint of something amiss is a review on Amazon about only receiving between 8-9mbps and the guy wanting to return, this is pretty much bang on what 85mbps units would give realistically.

  304. Martin said:

    Got home and both Net-x do not have any buttons on them.

    The rate i’m getting is 165Mbps.

  305. Martin said:

    Not sure if any of this helps from the Net-x user guide:

    What is the maximum data rate that HomePlug AV 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter will
    provide for the network applications?
    Depending on the protocol version used, the maximum data rate is between 80 and
    90 Mbps. As UDP has less protocol overhead than TCP, UDP can result in a slightly
    higher data rate than TCP.

    How does HomePlug AV 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter achieve a higher bandwidth than
    HomePlug Turbo 85Mbps and HomePlug 1.0 devices?
    HomePlug AV 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter that comply with the HomePlug AV
    standard to achieve higher data throughput by using a broader frequency spectrum
    (2-28 MHz rather than 4-21 MHz), an improved access method (TDMA—Time Division
    Multiple Access—rather CSMA/CD—Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection)
    and a greater bitload per Hz (thanks to higher processing power)

    Is the technology of the HomePlug AV 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter backward
    compatible to HomePlug 1.0?

    If there are already 85Mbps HomePlug Turbo devices being used in the network, can
    HomePlug AV 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter be integrated into the existing network?
    Yes, devices based on HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV standards can coexist.
    However, HomePlug 1.0-compatible devices cannot exchange data directly with
    HomePlug AV devices.

  306. Martin said:

    Another update:

    I managed to find the old cd that came with the Net-x plugs.

    I managed to apply the Private Network name to the new Solwise plug by adding in the device code.

    I know it can ‘see’ it now as the plug Mac address appears in the screen that displays remote devices.

    However, there is no data being exchanged and the device disappears after a few minutes.

  307. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Martin,

    That does sound more homeplug AV after all, thats a relief.
    I would if possible run the net-x utility and see if there is a way of soft resetting them (if no hard reset switch) and see if you can get back to factory setting, then without using any software or security buttons try just running all three together.
    If not upgrade the firmware on the net-x if possible, i presume the Solwise plug you have got is new so should be on firmware 3.3 or even 4

  308. Martin said:

    It worked!!

    I couldn’t reset the via the utility nor upgrade. However, i removed the utility and it worked straight away. Strange but it worked.

    Many thanks for all your help.


  309. Jeff said:

    I have just had a BT Infinity service connected which, I have confirmed, produces 40 Mbps. I borrowed two Solwise AV 500 Mbps Ethernet Bridge Homeplugs to test before buying and received only 24 Mbps at the remote end.

    Q1. Is that the approx level of signal drop I should expect?

    Q2. Would a higher rated set of Homeplugs significantly reduce the signal drop?

    Many thanks

  310. Faculty-X said:

    The main issues with homeplugs is interference form other products on the power circuit that could be giving off a lot of noise on the supply.
    Homeplugs really need to be in a socket by themselves.
    To test and isolate noise issues its best to plug them in, setup and then switch everything off your can but still leave the network and test equipment running, then test the speed, if it has improved then try turning things back on one by one and see what is creating the noise.
    It may then be possible to move that item to another location.
    500mbps homeplugs are in practical terms the fastest current plugs on the market.

  311. Nick said:

    Will the solwise 500mbps boost my wifi signal around my house?

  312. Faculty-X said:


    These homeplugs would not boost your existing wifi signal, they are a cabled solution, you plug one via the supplied cable into your existing router and plug another in a different location in your house and connect the cable from this into your laptop, computer, console or smart tv etc.
    The broadband signal travels with your power supply.

  313. Gerald Lindenburn said:

    I have a Netgear N150 wireless router supplied by Orange. If I connect a TV via homeplugs will laptops still work wirelessly?

  314. Oldmaster said:

    Will 200mbps adaptors be suitable to use with my Virginmedia Superhub 30Meg service and Sky Anytime +? Or would 500mbps give any noticeable improvement?

  315. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps homeplugs would be fine for your connection, Virgin does roll out faster connection quite quickly though, 500mbps homeplugs would certainly be a better buy long term.

  316. Jonny said:

    I currently have a pair of wired homeplugs with the one in my bedroom ‘feeding’ my ps3. If I were to buy one wireless homeplug, would this pick up on the same signal my wired ones currently use, or would I need a pair with a wireless one also plugged into the router?

  317. Faculty-X said:


    yes as long as you stick to the same speed homeplug you just need to add a wireless model to your existing setup and it will use the same plug you already have connected to your router.
    Which model/speed plugs do you already have?

  318. Jonny said:

    I think, they’re 85′s (I just went for the cheapest option as it was just for my console but now I need wireless for a laptop)

    Thanks for your help.

  319. Faculty-X said:


    85mbps kit is becoming quite thin on the ground now, the only wireless option we have available for 85mbps homeplugs is: http://www.faculty-x.net/wireless_homeplug.htm it works very well but is not as tidy as an all in one unit. No one is making them anymore.

    Or you may find some old stock still about on the likes of ebay or amazon.

  320. Euan Cunningham said:

    I have been successfully using a pair of Max Value 200 mbps to connect my DS system to the home server via a 2Wire router. I recently bought a pair of T Link 200 mbps adapters to connect my internet ready TV to the router. On connecting the new adapter to the router my internet connection drops.
    Should I have simply bought another single Max Value unit and added it at the TV end? i.e not have two different pairings connected to the router separately?
    Can I add one of the T Link adapters to the Max Value pair? If so, how do I do it? The utility will not find the one at the TV end when I try this.

  321. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Euan,

    The two models should be compatible with each other, so you only need one connected to your router.

    If you have secured any of the plugs by running the software our pressing the button they may block each other.
    I would try resetting all the plugs you have.
    connect one to your router, one to the TV and the last to your server.
    All should work happily together.

  322. john mcginn said:

    Hi, looking for some help, I already have 3 x Homeplug 85mb plc which I got from you guys about 2 years ago. I’m wanting to expand the network, can you recommend which products will be compatible and I should order, looking to 2 additional plugs. Thanks.

  323. Faculty-X said:


    any of our 85mbps plugs would work fin with your existing:

  324. Adrian said:

    I use a Netgear DGN 2000 Router, in my kitchen plus a Netgear WNDA3100 Adapter attached to my PC in my study, which I use to get on line. I also use Netgear Universal Adapter connected to my Bluray player that enables me to watch ‘Catch UP’ programmes on SKY. My question is if I purchase two home plugs will this have an effect on my curent set up and also will my wife be able to use her iPad wirelessly?

  325. Godfrey Sayers said:

    I want to connect a Home Plug to my Grundig TV but it doesn’t have an ethernet port. How do I do this?

  326. John S said:

    I have a pair of homeplugs PLA-401 v4 and I would like to add a third. Is this possible? Which single would be suitable? How do I find out how to set up the third plug?

  327. Faculty-X said:


    Those plugs are standard 200mbps home plug Av compliant models so any 200mbps home plug Av should work fine together:

    If you have secured them with the software or button you need to add the new plug in the same way, if you have just plugged them in the third plug should just happily join the network.

  328. Faculty-X said:


    Do you have a make and model for your TV.
    Is it a flat screen smart TV for internet connection for example?

  329. Faculty-X said:

    Homeplugs would not disrupt your existing connections, Most homeplugs are not wireless though, do you need a new connection for your wifes iPad.
    If so then you would need a standard plug for your router and a wireless plug to connect to the iPad, e.g. http://www.faculty-x.net/TP-Link%20TL-WPA281%20Starter%20Kit.htm

  330. Terry Davies said:

    Hi, I have just bought 2 TP link 200mbs homeplugs. One is connected to my Sony internet ready tv and the other to my router. The same router is also connected to my pc. How can I configure the pc to show photos from the hard drive onto the tv? (are my pc connections to the router ok. ie from the rear of the router I have 1 ethernet cable into the rear of the pc and another cable to the homeplug)
    Many thanks

  331. Faculty-X said:


    The homeplugs are merely replacing the need to run cables from say your TV to router.
    They will not add any functionality to any device that is not already present. Is your tv able to view photos etc from another source like your laptop or NAS etc?

  332. Terry Davies said:

    Hi, yes I do believe that the TV is able to receive photos etc from another source. I used homeplugs instead of the Sony recommended dongle. I’ve been told it may be something to do with IP addresses which I don’t know anything about??

  333. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Terry,
    The homeplugs are doing the same job as the dongle to be honest, the functions are the same.

    You would have to set up a share folder etc for any device to be able to browse the folders on your laptop.

  334. Jamie said:

    hi, if we have one pc/ laptop connected to the homeplug will others pc/ laptops be affected conneting straight to router ?

  335. Faculty-X said:


    No the other connections would not be affected.

  336. Andy said:

    Hi. I’ve read a few comments and replies, but would like clarification on whether 2 homeplugs could be connected across 2 fuseboxes/consumer units.
    I have an old house with a new extension that has a seperate consumer unit. Both the original consumer unit/fusebox and the new consumer unit are on the same meter. Can the signal pass through the 2 units and therefore allow homeplugs to be placed in the old and new parts of the house?

  337. Faculty-X said:


    Yes as long as the power supply is a standard single phase domestic supply from a single meter the homeplugs signal will travel across all connected circuits as easily as the power does.

  338. Hitesh Modha said:

    Can i use Homeplug in a business environment, I wish to keep the wireless network totally separate from my network and at the moment I am using network extenders to reach the parts that the wireless routers can’t reach. We have 3 separate meters and an electricity distribution board

  339. Faculty-X said:


    Homeplugs would not work across the phases, sorry.
    A cat6 network cable installation possible?

  340. stewart mclean said:

    Hi, does the Solwise NET-PL-200AV-PIGGY_MK3 have some sort of auto power off, or standby mode? I purchased one around Jan/Feb and it recently has been dropping out of the home plug network (i have 3 homeplugs in the house – other 2 are Solwise NET-PL-200AV-PIGGY Mk1 I think)

    I have to turn off all three homeplugs (one of which serves the router) Then they’ll all pick up again. This seems to be a new issue. I initially thought it was the infamous Virgin Superhub at fault, but i have purchased a new router and the same homeplug dropped out again after less than 30mins up time.

    Sorry about posting here, i am awaiting permission to post on the solwise forums.

  341. Faculty-X said:


    Yes the homeplugs go into a low power state after around 15 mins, this is indicated by the power led flashing slowly.

    If the new homeplug is dropping out on one connection it may pay to swap it with another, it would probably be best as the one connected to the router.

  342. stewart mclean said:

    Many thanks for the exceptional quickness of response. I have done that before heading off to work and will see how i get on tonight with normal usage.

  343. andy howie said:

    I have an SP 85Mbps Ethernet HomePlug TURBO but the power light doesnt come on. is there a quick and easy way to fix this?

    I ahev tried putting it in a different plug and i have put a hair dryer in the plug to make sure that it isnt the plug that is the problem. I think the unit has packed up but i dont want to open it up if there is an easier way to sort this problem out.

    if u can send the answer to my email it would b amazing.

    many thanks

  344. Mike Daley said:

    I want to upgrade one of my Homeplugs (which currently supports a smart TV through a LAN cable) to include a wireless repeater to improve access for my laptop – does the Newlink NL-HPW200 have a LAN cable connection as well as wireless?

  345. Faculty-X said:


    If the power light does not come on it sounds like it has died to be honest.

  346. Faculty-X said:


    Presuming your existing homeplugs are 200mbps this would be your best bet at your media hub: http://www.faculty-x.net/PL-200AV-PEW-N%20Homeplug.htm
    Two ethernet ports for your smart TV and later on perhaps a console off PVR and also 300-N wireless that works at the same time as the ethernet ports.

  347. Mike Daley said:

    so the Solwise PL-200AV-PEW-N provides both wireless and two wired points in the room where it’s plugged in (i.e. it doesn’t need to be in range of my existing wireless router?)

  348. Faculty-X said:


    Yes thats right, the standard 200mbps plug puts your broadband onto your power circuit, this plug takes that signal and send it to both the ethernet ports and also broadcasts a new wifi signal in that location.
    The wireless network in this location has a new name, power line by default which you scan and connect to as you would for your existing wifi.

  349. Mike Daley said:

    excellent – thanks for the very quick responses

    I’ll get one oredered today

  350. Steve Switzer said:

    I asked, by email, as to whether your PL-85PE_MK2 would work with Apple equipment namely an Apple Airport Extreme and an Apple Airport express to let me extend my network. After not receiving a reply I decided to go ahead and purchase anyway.
    They have duly arrived and reading that Apple connection should be just ‘Plug and Play’ – I tried it. One plugged into a spare port on the EXtreme and another into the ethernet port of the express.
    Nothing will induce either to talk to each other, so I would appreciate either conformation that they should work, and if they do or should some guidance please as to how to achieve the network extension I desire.
    I don’t have any Microsoft computers so tweaking the software is not a possibility.


  351. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Steve,

    Not very up with apple airport express systems, have done a bit of digging around on google and think this may be what you are after:

  352. Allan said:

    Can homeplug connect to a switch?

    wireless router->homeplug->homeplug->switch->HDTV,media player, TV, NAS or etc

  353. Faculty-X said:


    Yes a home plug can go into a switch with no problem, then just come off the switch with multiple connections all linked back to your router through the homeplug.

    Some homeplugs also come with a built in switch to tidy the system up rather than having two items i.e.

    you still jut need a single standard plug connected to your router for this system or your switch system to work: http://www.faculty-x.net/NET-PL-500AV-piggy.htm

  354. Neil H said:

    Just purchased Solwise PL-200AV_PIGGY_MK3 and PL-200AV-PEW-N.

    They seem to be OK ‘out of the box’, can create a HomePlug network and I can access internet via WiFi from PEW-N.

    However, if I attempt to change any settings I start to experience problems:
    - HomePlug network can get broken – devices will not pair.
    - WiFi settings get reset to ‘open’ network.

    First issue seems to happen if I LAN cable connect to the PEW-N and change it’s WiFi settings (to protect the network).

    Second issue appears to be when something connects and uses the WiFi from the PEW-N.

    However, I’ve not been able to consistently re-create the problems so looking for any thoughts or ideas on:
    - are they broke?
    - things I can try?
    - anything obvious I’m missing?

    I have tried factory resetting both units and a firmware upgrade of the PEW-N with an upgrade found on Solwise website (problems the same before ad after).


  355. Tanel said:

    I am interested in the Aztech 500AV HomePlug Desktop Adapter with 4 Gigabit Ports. What I envisaged was a single 500Mbps Homeplug connected next to my master socket/router, with the Aztech in another room as a hub for my Sky+, Wii, Xbox360.

    The Aztech page says “Please note you need TWO of these to make a network, one at each end”.

    Does that mean I need two Homeplug devices (which could be one standard plug, and the Aztech), or do I actually need two Aztech devices at each end? I can’t see why you would need a 4-port device at the master socket end, because if that were the case you’d just be using your router anyway, right?

  356. Faculty-X said:


    You are correct.
    you just need a single port 500mbps homeplug connected to your router and the 500mbps 4 gigabit port Aztech to connect up all your media systems

  357. Faculty-X said:


    Are you saving the wifi settings after entering them, if not when the plug powers down they will be lost. again.

  358. Neil H said:

    Well, I am pressing the ‘Apply’ button in the HomePlug AV Wireless N Extender program running on Windows.

    But, the settings are getting reset whilst the device is plugged in and switched on anyway.

  359. Dominic M said:

    I live in a house that used to be 2 flats. They each have their own fuse box, however we pay for one electricity supply that powers the entire house. Will the plugs work between both flats?

  360. VelvetJones said:

    I currently have a set of two Asus PL-X32 homeplugs (one main into router/one into home PC). I’m looking to extend the circuit into my son’s room as the wifi in there is poor. Will a single plug from another set of Asus PL-X32s connect onto the same link that I currently have or will it be incompatible?

  361. Faculty-X said:


    Yes you should be fine, homeplugs are not matched pairs, they are all stand alone units that come in different pack sizes.
    If you have secured the plugs with security button or software you will need to just add the third plug, if you have just plugged them in and let them get on with it just plug another in as before.

  362. Faculty-X said:

    As long as the supply is single phase and off one meter you should be fine.

  363. VelvetJones said:


  364. JJW said:


    I have a pair of Newlink 200Mb pass-throughs.

    I’ve disabled WIFI on my Virgin SuperHub router (as it’s rubbish) and left it in Modem Only Mode. I connect this to the 1st Homeplug device.

    The 2nd Homeplug device is connected to my Asus Wireless router which is situated more centrally in my house and offers much better WIFI coveragee.

    This works absolutely fine. I can connect wirelessly to the Asus WIFI network and connect to the Internet.

    The problem I now have is adding more Newlink 200Mb units. I want to add a 3rd device so that I can connect my Mac over ethernet and disable its Wifi. This just does not work. I’ve powercycled all 3 devices at the same time and still nothing. I can see all 3 green lights on and the data one flashing.

    Am I missing something here? Am I doing something stupid? I’m beginning to wonder if Powerline adaptors can do what I’m trying to achieve or if i’m not doing something that I should.

    Any help/guidance greatly appreciated.


  365. Faculty-X said:

    could be a few things but its certainly a workable solution.

    Are the plugs secured with the button or utility – have you added a third plug.

    On the super hub is dchp enabled or has this been switched off.

    Is the mac set to use its lan port and to obtain an ip address automatically – or give it a fixed ip in the range of the super hub.

  366. JJW said:

    Hi there and many thanks for replying.

    Not sure I understand your first question about “button or utility”. Any chance you could elaborate on that?

    The superhub is literally just running in Modem Mode. I’m pretty sure DHCP is disabled there although i’d need to check. My Asus router provides IPs as it definitely had DHCP enabled

    On the MAC, I disabled WIFI to ensure that I’m using the Ethernet port. Interestingly, when looking at the IP address it was allocated, it was not in the range that the Asus reserves (192.168.1.x). Instead, it was a 169.x.x.x address! So I’m not sure how it got this. I’m now wondering whether it somehow got this from the Superhub….that would definitely explain why it’s not working. What I then tried was manually configuring the IP address to one available in the Asus ( i think)….that didn’t work either.

    Thanks again


  367. Faculty-X said:


    The is a security button to lock other plugs out underneath the plug near the ethernet port, usually called: security or NMK

    if this has been pressed on the two original plugs then it would need pressing again and then the new button within 1 minute for the two to link.

    as to the setup, the most obvious system would be the super hub acting as gateway with dchp enabled, wireless turned off, the asus would have dchp disabled but the wireless enabled so its acting just as a access-point and connected to by a homeplug into a lan port – not wan

  368. JJW said:

    Right – I will give this a go. That sounds like it should work in theory….just need to try it out now.

    Many thanks again for your speedy response.



  369. JJW said:

    Got it working with your help. I took the Superhub out of Modem only mode and back in to default mode but disabled WIFI but leaving DHCP on. On my Asus router, I disabled DHCP. There’s also a mode called Access Point which I set and hey presto, all works. One thing to note though is performance. I was testing on my Mac with wireless on and then through powerline with speedtest.net. With Wifi enabled i was getting 60Mb download speeds. Going through powerline, I was getting 28.

    Anyway, many thanks for your help.


  370. Stephen said:

    I’ve had several 200Mb Homeplugs for just over a year now and they also seemed to “blow” as per http://www.faculty-x.net/homeplug-blog/?p=4#comment-2430 and I found just waiting until it cooled down and it now works again. I wonder if being on constantly it occassionally overheats as I notice it’s max operating temp is 45 degrees, which isn’t much for electrical kit. I did also try the suggestion of holding in reset for 10 secs to see if that did it – now not sure if it was the reset or the cooling down ;-)

  371. Faculty-X said:


    Is it in a well ventilated area or stuck down the back of a sofa, cupboard etc or in direct sunlight or with lots of other electronics?

  372. Stephen said:

    Nah, was in a secluded area of the room, but i do run them on a non-surge protected strip. I had more of these plugs before this lot and the same thing happened to them all within weeks of each other after a year too. My PC is on 24×7 so perhaps the constant streaming wears it out…

    While I’m here, I thought I would ask. I’ve noticed that every time my ISP resets my line, I have to switch off and switch on the Homeplug for my PC (win7) to re-detect the internet as it re-discovers the network, but not the internet? Any ideas why that would be?

  373. David Abbott said:

    I would like to purchase a single New Link 500mbps power line pass through Ethernet Adaptor. (I already HAVE 2.) However your site only displays the plain ones. Could you please update this please.

  374. Faculty-X said:

    A power strip not the best idea to be honest, a pass through type plug has a filtered socket so you can then plug the strip into the front of that, although that would not be part of the overheat issue.]
    These are well vented piggy style plugs: http://www.faculty-x.net/homeplug%20200%20pass-thru.htm

    As too the reset issue, i suspect thats more the link between pc and router, the homeplug is not taking an ip address, but switching it off would break the link so dchp would issue a new IP to the pc of re-connect.
    Does the same happen if you reboot wither the router or PC.

  375. Faculty-X said:

    We have replaced the Newlink range with 100% compatible Solwise 500mb Pass Through Homeplug NET-PL-500AV-Piggy units at a better price point:

  376. John said:


    I recently purchased 2 Solwise 500mb 4 port adaptors and a Solwise Net-PLV-500AV-PE 500mb adaptor. I use the setup at home, one 4 port adaptor upstairs and 1 downstairs with the single adaptor connected to my Virgin Media cable modem.

    The problem I am having is that connection to the internet is always hit and and miss with the devices that I am using (Sony PS3 and Panasonic TV). I am constantly having to turn the modem/adaptors on and off to make a successful connection which as you can appreciate is very frustrating and time consuming. I have also had to reformat the PS3 twice just so that it will connect to the internet.

    I must say that I do switch off the modem and adaptors when I’m not using them to save wasting electricity.

    Firstly, can you advise whether or not switching on and off the equipment will be contributing to the problem. If so should I be leaving the adaptors and modem permanently switched on? Is so, how much power are the adaptors using in standby?

    Also can you provide me with any other advice or assistance which will help me to sustain a more reliable connection to the internet. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  377. John Swarbrick said:

    Hi I previously purchased the Solwise Triple Homeplug 200mbs from you which has worked very well. I now need an extra connection preferably which is faster. Will the Aztec 4 gigabit port 500mbs work in the same way as the Solwise? (I’m aware I need at least 2 of these)


  378. Faculty-X said:

    A modem is just the device that converts the broadband from telephone or cable line connection to a network connection, this only allows one connection,

    Every time you switch off the devices it effectively clears the connection and as you switch back on sets one back up again, each time you switch connections would require the reset you are performing.

    a router control multiple computers masked behind a network translator so your internet provide only sees one connection.

    You need your modem connected to a routers WAN port and then a single homeplug from the routers ethernet port to allow various connections elsewhere.
    Homeplugs use circa 5-7w running and less than 1w in standby mode.

  379. Faculty-X said:


    Yes the 200mbps and 500mbps will communicate together but at the lowest speed.
    You need one 500mbps plug at your router replacing your existing 200mbps plug and another 500mbps plug on the connection end of the faster link, this will allow a higher speed to the 500mbps and a standard connection to the existing 200mbps plugs.

  380. John Swarbrick said:

    Right thanks sounds like its not what I need? Maybe just another plug to allow for the extra device?

  381. Michael said:

    85,200 or 500 mbps — how do I chose which one is suitable for me? or do I get the fastest I can afford?

  382. Faculty-X said:


    200mbps or 500mbps are suitable for everyday connections to the internet.
    iplayer and sky on demand etc are quite low on bandwidth so 200mbps are fine, if your are creating an internal network you would appreciate the speed difference of the 500mbps.
    As with most things speed will only increase so the long term bet would be the 500mbps.

    85mbps are pretty much end of line so i would steer clear of those, we are only selling for existing customers really so as to not defunct there equipment, these are getting harder to find though.

  383. Andrew said:

    I am trying to “reconnect” a Powerline 200M Wireless-N AP to my BT Homehub2. I have got it to work before, but after a powercut I cannot get it working again.
    Due to the thick walls in the house I have the BT hub running with a subnet mask The DHCP from this device broadcasts on the same range but only between 4-100.
    The Powerline is set to and the same subnet. It broadcasts a DHCP between 101-222
    The powerline is set to a gateway of the hub ie
    I have rebooted the BT hub after setting all this up but still fail to get the Poweline to see the internet (it broadcasts the DHCP OK). The BT hub can see the internet fine.

    As I said before, it was working OK I just can’t figure out why the Powerline fails to see the hub as the gateway

  384. Faculty-X said:


    you should only have one dchp service running on each network at the gateway (router).
    router should be have dchp running with the ip range suggested, wireless -N ap should have ip address dchp off and the gateway address

    then you should be fine, its usually pays to reboot the router when the access-point is up and running.

  385. Andrew said:

    Thanks for the reply.
    How do I set the gateway. If the DHCP is not running on the Powerline there appears to be no option elsewhere ie it only appears in the DHCP.
    I have been constantly restarting the router when applying the changes to the Powerline.
    How to I check the the wireless part & the bit that ethernets to the router are communicating correctly??

  386. David said:

    Connot get 200mbps PowerLine adapter to work after powercut, got it only 2 days ago & was working fine. Have tried reseting it many times.

  387. Christina said:

    I have just ordered a pair of your 85mbps Homeplug 1.0 turbo to be able to watch IPlayer through my Sky + box. I’m wondering if they will be fast enough as you also sell 200mbps and 500mbps Homeplugs.
    What is the difference?
    Why would you choose one rather than the others?
    Is more mbps better?
    Sorry if you have answered this question before.

  388. Faculty-X said:

    the may have got a power surge, i would return them to whoever you brought them from if still within warranty etc.

  389. Faculty-X said:


    BBC iplayer streams at 1500kbps (1.5mbps) or 800kbps (0.8mbps) for standard content.
    85mbps would handle this content fine generally. The quality of your power circuit allowing.

    200mbps & 500mbps are faster model plugs and are useful if your are streaming lots of media and files internally around your house.
    That said data use will always increase so long term the faster plugs would be a better bet.

  390. Christina said:

    Is it possible to stop my order for the 85mbps? I’d like to order the faster ones.
    I’ll try phoning tomorrow . . .

  391. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Christine,

    The plugs would already have left via 1st class post, we like to keep the shipping fast out of our doors.

    You are welcome to return though, or refuse the delivery.

  392. Crispy said:

    Could you recommend a homeplug wifi model that offers a wifi extension at the receiving end (current wifi blackspot) rather than having to connect via another ethernet cable.
    I already have a cable connection fitted for my smart tv I just want to be able to access internet and emails in a wifi blackspot without haveing to connect via cable.
    Any recommnedations welcome
    Many thanks

  393. Trevor Astbury said:

    I have 2 X. PL-200AV-Piggy_MK2 installed and working fine I wish to extend this system by 2 more outlets. What should I be buying to extend existing system to use new TV’s with Internet portal.
    If possible I will order right away, THANKS

  394. Faculty-X said:


    You just need another two 200mbps homeplugs, you still only need the one connected to your router.
    200mbps homeplugs are here: http://www.faculty-x.net/compare%20homeplug%20200av.htm

  395. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Crispin,
    Are you saying you already have some homeplugs that connect to your TV or have you used a cable?

  396. martin said:

    I have xenta 85m PLC home plugs and want to add a 3rd one to my network with some I brought off ebay.
    The new ones do not communicate with the old pair although both pairs work independently.
    I do not have the utility software can anybody give me a link where I can download it ?

  397. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Martin,

    Are they the same speed plugs if so if you click on the faculty-x logo to take you back to the main site the downlaod link at the bottom has the utility for 85mbps newlinks, this will work with the xenta 85mbps plugs.

  398. Harold Schogger said:


    Brilliant site.

    I have been using 85 homeplugs for a while now very successfully. I have now picked up two Econnect homeplugs 500mb plugs and they currently will not work with the system. According to your earlier info above plugs will communicate with the lowest speed. Have I got this correct or will the two new plugs only work with one another if I plug one of them directly into the modem- please advise.
    Thanks H Schogger

  399. Faculty-X said:

    “A. 85mbps & 200mbps/500mbps use different frequencies to communicate and can not talk to each other.
    200mbps & 500mbps use a common frequency with 500mbps also using other higher ones, so they will talk to each other, the limit will be the slowest plug.”

    85mbps will not talk to the 500mbps plugs, only other 500mbps and 200mbps

    A way around this if you wish to keep you existing 85mbps plug is to also plug a 500mbps plug into your router so you have both an 85mbps and 500mbps homeplug connected at the router, these two plugs can talk over each other so will work over each other.

    You talk about a modem, is this what it is or is it a router, modem only supports one connection at a time.

  400. Harold Schogger said:

    Brilliant thank you so much and also for answering so quickly

    I use extra router to piggy back off my main connection

  401. Tom Clark said:

    I’m interested in the Starter Pack PL-200AV-PIGGY_MK3 Ethernet Plug with mains passthrough and a PL-200AV-PEW-N WiFi Plug. However, I need 2 or 3 WiFi plugs and just 1 plug to connect to my router. Which pack should I buy? Tom

  402. Phil said:

    I currently have BT infinity, but I am thinking of purchasing a BT vision+ box as you can get an extra 18 channels and some HD on the television. I have been told by BT that the hub has to be hard wired in with an earth net cable.
    I have also been informed by someone else that you can use a TP link or power-line adapter.
    Is this true?
    And if so, would this potentially slow the broadband down?

  403. Faculty-X said:


    Yes powerline adapters are perfect for the connection, connect one via the supplied cable to your broadband router and one to your new vision+ box and you are done, no setup is required for the plugs.

    Any 200mbps or 500mbps homeplug twinpack would do the job fine, go to 500mbps if you have very fast broadband else 200mbps would be ample.

    May pay to hold back though, its common for the BT vision box to come with a set of homeplugs already.

  404. Faculty-X said:


    The plugs come 200mbps wifi homeplugs come in starter packs and singles so:
    1x Starter kit
    and single wifi plugs as required

  405. Stefan said:

    Hi, I have just set up a PL-200AV-PEW-N hompeplug with a standard homeplug av (200mbps), the network indicator light changes from green to red and back and forth quite regularly, is there anything i can do to resolve this?


  406. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Stefan,

    Something around it may be putting interference on the power circuit.

    Presuming the plug is in a socket by itself and not a multi ganged switch?

    Turn of or move the electrical items around both plugs and see if it improves, if so turn on each item back on one by one until you find the culprit and then see if its possible to move it.

    Keep the network cable away from other electircal cables also as this can inherit interference.

  407. John said:

    I have bought a Newlink 500Mbps 11n Wireless homeplug and a Newlink wired homeplug. I want them to connect the internet from different levels. Downstairs I connected the wired homeplug to the router and the wireless homeplug in the plug upstairs. When I use the powerline utility 1 device is found and I need to enter the password. Where is the password found? …and do I need to switch of the router for a reboot?

  408. Darren O'Neill said:

    Hi, my question is an extension of FAQ 1 regarding the ability to cross different ring mains. I have a newly built extension which is powered from a completely new circuit protected with it’s own RCD separate from the existing fuse board. They are both fed from the same meter. My router is plugged into the old circuit on the fuse board and I want to connect my Virgin TiVo box which is in the new extension so I can use the iPad app. Will a homeplug setup work in these circumstances? The router and TiVo box are physically in adjacent rooms but couldn’t be further apart in terms of connections. (My broadband is also supplied by Virgin)

    Thank you

  409. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Darren,

    Yes this will work as long as they all share a common connection i.e. at your meter and on a single phase which is standard for domestic building except in exceptional circumstances.

    Some signal is lost across boards usuallu but should still be useable.

  410. Faculty-X said:

    the power pack utility is not needed as they will just work.

    The wireless plug needs some setting up to your requirements, our quick start guide should have been included, if not we can email you another.

    The wireless adapter password by default is 1234567890 for the wireless security, this can be changed to your own within the setup.

  411. Phil Mayhall said:

    My BT-TV box arrived with 2x Arcnet 200mbs AV powerline units. Can’t get them to talk to my Newline 200mbs (NL-HP200PTDL) or Nano 500mbs (NL-HP555SG) Even plugged into same socket pair the security/link process doesn’t work.

  412. Faculty-X said:


    Yes we heard of a few issues with the other plugs BT supplied before. They state homeplug AV which would mean they are compatible with all other AV plugs.
    They may have nobbled them in some way though, i would suggest:
    Swap these with a known working pair onto your BT box to check it still works and then hard reset the BT supplied ones.
    apart from that if you are running the utility check they have the same network name as your existing ones.

  413. Phil Mayhall said:

    Thanks. I plugged the BT homeplug into the router (with all other devices off). When I reset the BT homeplug it sets the Private Network name to unknownnetworkname (or similar). I used the utility to set it to HomePlugAV but still nothing would talk. Plugged my usual homeplug into the router and used the BT unit to link to my laptop and hey presto it worked. Work that out!

  414. Harold Schogger said:

    I have been using homeplugs very successfully for long time now BUT last two days cannot connect – the PLC link light will not stay on – please help me and tell me what has happened to cause this- I have tried different homeplugs and different cables to no avail

  415. JohnT said:

    Hi there

    I have owned and used 2 x NL-HP200DL for couple of years now without problems. The time had came to add a third so i dug around the internet to find the identical home-plugs so to lessen and problems of connectivity but for hell and high water i can’t get anything to see the new third one i added, tried resetting modem/router, resetting plugs, All 3 light are on as it is with the others but when i connect the new additional one to PS3 or my LG tv it just won’t be seen. Read many of the replies and tried countless things from here and general googling but nothing

    Are there any additional steps i am missing to add a third home-plug? 3 days now i have been trying to get the existing 2 NL-HP200DL to see an communicate with the new third NL-HP200DL

    Please help as am ready just to bin all 3 now ffs.

  416. Faculty-X said:

    Hi John,

    you should not have a problem adding a third in principle.
    The most obvious thing to suggest is to reset all the plugs you have by holding a pin in the reset hole for 10 seconds whilst switched on, do this to all of them so they are all back to factory settings and just plug them in, you should be ok.

    Other than that:
    Swap a known working one for the one you are struggling with to check that it is ok.
    Swap cables in case one is faulty.
    Check that you have a router not just a modem and that dchp is enabled, you are not filtering mac addresses etc (by default they are usually set up correctly so unless you have fiddled with the settings this is a long shot)
    Check the device you are connecting to is set to obtain an ip address automatically.

    Let us know how you get on.

  417. JohnT said:

    During the normal process of elimination i had worked out that all plugs were working and talking to each other. So the next step was checking router (Virginmedia Superhub2) all was fine there, everything was connecting ok except my LG Smart TV in the bedroom, Again after much head scratching and wondering why it could see the home plug but would not follow the connection process to the end then again somewhat staring at the TV i checked the settings on the TV ……………

    Point to remember anyone reading this new modern TV’s may not connect via a home plug if you simply let the wizard do it. I had to go to expert setting on the TV and tell it to go get the IP etc and or manually input the details.

    All in all everything eventually working.

    All my homeplugs are on the same floor and on same electrical ring and get a steady 14mb down and 2/4 mb up, my question now is can this be improved considering i am on a 125mb connection?

    Thanks Faculty-X for quick response an input.

  418. Alison Rowland said:

    I need to get wireless to an external garden room & am looking at using a homeplug type product. Approx 30-50m from existing house.

    However the garden room although is on the same electricity supply has it’s own separate consumer unit/fuse board.

    Is this possible & if so what product would you recommend.


  419. MARK said:

    Hi, I have a customer with a network of wireless scales talking to a belkin router in a factory, he has now decided to install more scales in another building approx 150 metres away and wants these on the same network. Is it possible to do this with the homeplugs and a wireless access point in the new building? if not is it possible to connect them reliably using the outdoor wireless access points.

  420. Faculty-X said:


    Yes this should be perfectly feasible and we have done this numerous times.
    A wireless homeplug kit would provide everything you need, i.e. the standard plug for your router connection and the wireless plug for the garden room.
    These are currently the most popular kits.

  421. Faculty-X said:


    Homeplugs only work on the one phase so commerical is usually not suitable and another building very unlikely.

    What type of bandwidth is the business needing on the bridge and do you have a clear line of site between the two.
    if yes then either a wireless bridge setup:
    of a laser link

  422. Garry said:

    My homeplug has stopped working on the middle floor of my house. If I connect the router to a homeplug on the bottom floor it works fine on the top floor. Seems to be an issue using the middle floor, any ideas?

    It used to work on all 3 floors perfectly and I can’t think of anything that has changed. The homeplugs are not faulty as they work from bottom to top floor?

  423. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Gary,

    apart from the obvious of changing the plug on the middle floor with a known working one from the floor, suspect you have already tried that though, it will almost certainly be interference from an electrical item.
    Have you plugged anything new in recently, even to say an energy saving bulb on that floor, if not something may be about to give up the ghost and is giving off interference.
    The easiest way to test is to turn everything off electrical on that floor apart from the plug and if it works start turning everything on one by one until you find the culprit.

  424. Garry said:

    Hi Faculty-X,

    Yes, I’ve tried a know working one and still no luck.

    I also tried unplugging everything on the floor, such as lamps, alarm clocks etc. but still can’t get them to connect. I can’t think of anything new that we have used recently either. Is there any sort of test that I could do on the electrics that could point out if there is a wiring fault or anything like that?


  425. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Gary,
    Sorry for late reply, only just seen this.

    If they are working OK on the floor below and above and you know the plug is ok and the network previously worked on this floor then something must have changed or the socket is faulty, we have known loose wires in the socket cause a lot of interference, the power will jump across a loose connection but will cause signal issues, try another socket or get someone to tighten the wires in the socket would be a good place to start.
    Again most causes can be diagnosed by turning everything off except the router, plugs and a machine to test, if everything works, start turning on one by one until the fault or item is found.

  426. Garry said:

    Thanks Faculty-X. I’ll check the wiring in the sockets and see if I can see any issues.


  427. AL Tingey said:

    I had to disconnect my home plug for decorations, but on plugging it back in, when I try to use it , I am being asked to insert the password, which unfortunately for me I have misplaced. Is there a method of recovering the password and if so how? If I can retrieve the password what then is the procedure to reset the system
    Many thanks

  428. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Al,

    What make / model homeplugs do you have?

  429. Cameron Hendrie said:


    I have the powerline 200M Ethernet bridge and the one connecting to my ps4 continually turns itself on and off whilst the other works completely fine. What should I do?

  430. Faculty-X said:

    Hello Cameron,

    To begin with I would test to see if the homeplug or socket is faulty at your PS4.
    Swap it over with a known working plug from another location and see if the plug switches off in the new location or if the exchanged plug at the ps4 location starts doing the same thing.

  431. Kevin Gill said:

    Hi, I already run 2 zennox adapters and I want add a third, however I cannot find another zennox adapter. if I bought another set of different adapters and used one of the spare LAN sockets out of the router, can you have 2 running separately

  432. atwin50016 said:

    I have bought AZtech 200Mbps(home plug & N extender) and setting up paring is done but now can’t insert the provided N extender password when trying to use wifi to my cell phone.
    Pls advise me.Thanks in advance.

  433. Faculty-X said:

    Hello Kevin,

    you do not need to match brands with homeplugs compliant devices just the speed, you do not say which speed you have but it should be written on the plugs label.
    if they are 14mbps or 85mbps you need to stick to that and not try to add a 200mbps/50mbps/600mbp plug as they just will not work with each other.

    You can run the two over each other i.e. leave an 85mbps plug connected to the router and the device the far end and also plug a 200/500mbps plug into the router and connect further same speed plug the far end, but in your case with just two it does not make much sense to be honest, if you have to buy an extra faster speed homeplug just to overcome the older models you have as well use the extra plug to replace the remote 85mbps unit anyway and just have the one plug in your router.

    you may also find some old stock of 85mbps plugs on say amazon or ebay, they are out of production now though as the later speeds have taken over.

    If however your zennon plugs are 200mbps just buy another 200mbps of any brand at it should work with no issue.

  434. Keith said:

    I currently have 2 ZyXEL PLA4211 500mbs homeplugs, would the newlink 3 port be compatiable with them, as i require 2 of them

  435. Faculty-X said:

    Yes they will work fine together.

  436. Paul said:

    I have one Netgear 85 mbps Powerline adapter connected to my BT Home Hub 5 and this connects to one in my offices in my garage. It has worked great for several years. I have just moved to BT Infinity and this has meant that I have had to move the Home Hub 5 to a different room which has the BT Master Socket. The garage office PC no longer works when I plug the Powerline for the Home Hub 5 into the socket next to the BT Master Socket. Here is the odd bit though – if I connect the Powerline for the Home Hub 5 via an extension lead to another socket still in the same room as the Master Socket and on the same electrical circuit, it works!!! Unfortunately the socket is on the other side of a doorway so not practical or safe. What could the problem be?

  437. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Paul,

    Its usually interference near that socket or the sockets wiring is slightly loose and chattering across the connection.

    Try turning everything off in that room near the socket that does not work and see if the issue goes away, or have someone take the socket off and tighten the wires.

  438. David said:

    Hi I bought about 6 x 200mbps homeplugs from you a few years ago but have now had BT infinity put on so want to upgrade. I was looking at getting either 500 or 600mbps, which would be best? Also would the 200s still work with these? I will be looking to upgrade them all as funds allow. Thanks

  439. Faculty-X said:


    500mbps work the best with the 200mbps homeplugs so i would choose that route.
    Yes you can add just a few now and change the 200mbps as and when to upgrade the whole network over time.

  440. Martin said:

    I have an 85M homeplug system and this is fed from my router which also gives some wireless coverage. I want to extend the wireless coverage to a new part of the house where the coverage is poor and wonder if I can use ‘Devolo dLAN 85 Wireless HomePlug Adapter’ to link into the existing network and extend coverage. I am presuming it will pick up the data from the homeplug network rather than the existing router.

  441. Faculty-X said:

    Hi Martin,
    Yes you can use the Devolo 85 wireless Homeplug with your existing system, or if hard to come by (all 85mbps wireless homeplugs are end off line) you can use just a standard 85 homeplug

    Plus wireless access point plugged into the network port

  442. Alan said:

    I have some 200mbps D-link DHP-308AV powerlines (non wifi) and am now adding a couple 500mbps TP-Link ones, the PA4010 (non wifi) and WPA4220 (wifi). My question is, should the first powerline connected to the router be a 500mbps one so as not to “bottleneck” the network to 200mbps at it’s first connection point? Then presumably room by room it will be either 200 or 500 respectively depending upon which unit each room has? Thanks

  443. Faculty-X said:

    Hello Alan,

    Yes you are correct on all points.

    500mbps homeplug at your router will feed the remote 500′s at full speed and the 200′s at a reduced rate.

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