Devolo 500mbps Homeplug AVmini starter kit promotion – £99.95

March 31, 2011

Promotional price to welcome our new arrival.
Devolo dLAN 500 AVmini Starter Kit

Super fast & relaible homeplug network from Devolo backwards compatible with the current Homeplug AV standard 200mbps homeplugs

Create a stunningly fast, beautiully simple network without breaking a sweat. Plug one into a power socket near your router and connect with the supplied cat5 ethernet cable and switch on the power, do the same the other end and watch the data fly.
compatible with windows XP, VISTA, XP and 7 as well as Mac and Linux, in fact any ethernet enabled device like games consoles and iplayer boxes and interent enabled TVs.

The units exhibit the usual Devolo quality, should you wish to install the supplied software (not require, just plug and play) the network will be displayed in realtime.

Currently on the promotional price of £99.95 for a twinpack from us here.

Solwise PL-500AV HomePlug AV 500Mbps Ethernet Adapters £34.99

January 12, 2011

Featuring the Atheros (Intellion) AR7400 4th Generation chipset and compatible with the Homeplug AV standard with maximium of 500mbps bandwidth over standard AC wiring media streaming is about to go to a whole new level.

Available from stock now…click here


Solwise 500Mbps Home Plug AV Ethernet Adaptor with Simple Connect

The Solwise HomePlug AV 500Mbps Ethernet Bridge operates on the HomePlug Powerline AV Specification standard, providing up to 500Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring. The PL-500AV uses the Atheros (Intellon) AR7400 chipset which is optimised for streaming high definition media applications.

The AR7400 includes a faster processor, high speed interfaces and an analog front end (AFE). With these added high performance abilities, the PL-500AV is perfect for ultra-high speed HD entertainment networks in homes and is perfect for areas that are hard to reach by wireless connections. With a plug and play installation, you can easily combine all of your AV electronics together and instantly enjoy your Entertainment Center from virtually any room in your home. Combined with a broadband DSL/Cable connection, every room with electrical power outlets will have easy access to high-speed Internet connection.

Like all of our HomePlug AV products, this PL-500AV is equipped with 128-bit AES security encryption. Combining the private home power grid and the 128-bit AES security encryption, this PL-500AV is extremely secure compared to other technologies such as WiFi.


Atheros AR7400 (4th generation)
IEEE1901 / HomePlug AV standard
Extension to 68Mhz spectrum and up to 500Mbps PHY rate
Gigabit Ethernet capability (IEEE 802.3ab, 1000BASE-T)
Co-exists with HomePlug 1.0 (14/85mbps)
Stand-alone unit attaches directly to Broadband device and home power line network for seamless integration
Security push button for software free configuration
Power packet utility provides users a way to graphically manage their HomePlug network

Demensions: (98mm x 71mm x 34mm)

Solwise Gigabit HomePlug NET-PL-1000M in stock @ £41.00

August 12, 2010

New Gigabit Homeplug product finally landed, its been a while but well work it.
Bench test bare out our 500mbps+ hopes in real world test on the Gigabit Homeplug PL-100M

As with all homeplugs and also networks in general, the quoted speeds are always maximums from lab based test in ideal conditions on clean mains circuit.
Real world is sadly something else, we did a homeplug vs wifi test some time ago here

The meshing technology employed on the new gigabit homeplug is also superb and will make huge difference to the performance on the powerline network, basically when a new plug is added to the network the master plug looks to see if throughput can be improved by routing through the new plug as a stepping stone / booster to reach the further plug.

Current prices are aggressive and sit well amongst most manufactures 200mb models although stock on this first batch is very limited.

Single Unit Twin Pack Triple Pack Quad Pack
£34.89 ex vat
(£41.00 inc vat)

1x Homeplug Adapter
1x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£68.04 ex vat
(£79.95 inc vat)

2x Homeplug Adapter
2x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£101.70 ex vat
(£119.50 inc vat)

3x Homeplug Adapter
3x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£135.32 ex vat
(£159.00 inc vat)

4x Homeplug Adapter
4x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide

200mbps Homeplug AV with pass through power socket for £28.00

July 30, 2010

New product launch:

Max value 200mbps homeplug AV powerline adapter with filtered power socket to keep socket free, QoS to keep network speed at the optimum and simple push button security to lock down network.

Homeplugs dont like being in multi gang adapter so with these units you can plug them in first and then plug the multi gang into the filtered power socket, voila… network installed.

homeplug with mlti ganf

The price is also superb on these homeplug units as they are currently on promotion.

Low power consumption of just 6w and transmission distances of upto 200m.

Newlink 200mbps NLHP-200PTDL

Single Unit Twin Pack Triple Pack Quad Pack
£23.83 ex vat
(£28.00 inc vat)
£46.80 ex vat
(£54.99 inc vat)

£69.79 ex vat
(£82.00 inc vat)

£91.91 ex vat
(£108.00 inc vat)

Solwise Gigabit MediaXtream HomePlugs £41.00

July 5, 2010

Another great Solwise homeplug product new to the market:

Solwise 1000Mbps Mediaxtream / HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter – NET-PL-1000M

Fast and smart powerline technology offering super-high-speed connections for your internet-gateway, game console, media player, PC and IPTV set-top box in seconds. Data is carried over your existing mains circuit – without any extra wiring, cabling or messy installation.

Powered by Gigle’s MediaXtream chip, data capacity approaching 1000 megabits- per-second provides stable streaming of IPTV, movie and gaming content between multiple users and across various devices with minimum lag. In addition, the PL-1000M is compatible with the HomePlug AV specification (version 1.1) and is fully inter-operable 200Mbps HomePlug AV products.

The MediaXtream system also supports meshing technology. This enables intermediate devices to act as stepping stones where distance or signal degradation might otherwise make a powerline data path impossible.

Key Features:
1. Backbone capacity up to 200 Mbps with HomePlugAV devices
2. Backbone capacity up to 882 Mbps between MediaXtream devices
3. Switch Mode Power Supply for world-wide compatibility (100-240V)
4. 128-bit AES Encryption with one-touch security configuration
5. Ideal for HD/SD Video Streaming, Voice over IP calls and Online games
6. Meshing capability for difficult environments
7. Simple connections and controls

* 1 x RJ45 for 10/100/1000 Ethernet (Auto MDI/MDIX)
* 1 x Factory Default Reset Button
* 1 x Push button for Simple Connect and Standby mode

Max power usage: 6.5w
Dimensions: H:105mm  x W:58mm x D:42mm from plug face when inserted

Single Unit Twin Pack Triple Pack Quad Pack
£34.89 ex vat
(£41.00 inc vat)

1x Homeplug Adapter
1x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£68.04 ex vat
(£79.95 inc vat)

2x Homeplug Adapter
2x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£101.70 ex vat
(£119.50 inc vat)

3x Homeplug Adapter
3x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide
£135.32 ex vat
(£159.00 inc vat)

4x Homeplug Adapter
4x 1 metre lan cable
1x CD-rom setup disk
1x Printed guide

Solwise PL-200AV-PEW: 200mbps homeplug to 54mbps WiFi

January 23, 2010

Another excellent addition to the homeplug range from the Solwise guys.
200mbps Homeplug AV complete with built in 54g WiFi access-point.
The PL-200AV-PEW is fully compatible with our whole 200mbps homeplugs range.

Plug a standard homeplug AV into a power socket near your router and connect the supplied ethernet cable into a spare ethernet port at the rear, plug a 200mbps Wireless homeplug into a power socket in your house where the wireless signal doesn’t reach and bingo you now have a new wireless hotspot at full strength again.

This has been used successfully by us in many hotel and homes that just dont need the hassle of rewiring or lifting carpets with the added benifit of mobility. Want to work outside, just unplug and move the wireless homeplug to a socket near the garden or if you have a garden office which is of the same power supply as the house, plug it in and you’re away.

Other wireless homeplugs at the AV stardard are also available, we carry a range at all the common wireless speeds:

200mbps Homeplug AV to Wireless Adapters

PL-200AV-PEW: 200mbps homeplug to 54mbps WiFi

PLA450 v2: 200mbps homeplug to 108mbps WiFi

2073n: 200mbps homeplug to 300mbps WiFi

solwise pl85pew

2073n homeplug

£36.60 ex vat (£43.00 inc vat)

£54.35 ex vat (£63.86 inc vat)

£67.83 ex vat (£79.70 inc vat)

How fast can you go? Belkin F5D4076UK Gigabit homeplugs

August 18, 2009

Ideal for ultrafast, high-quality transmission of multiple video streams, reducing online gaming latency and quickly transferring large data files

Provides a secure, stable networking signal

Push-button security

Plug-and-play setup

Compatible with HomePlug AV products

Transfers data at speeds of up to 1000Mbps

Improves Internet connectivity in remote rooms or places hard to reach with wireless connections

Stream multiple HD movies and game online

Simple plug and play

Warranty Period : 1 Year Warranty

Compliant Standard : IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3ab. HomePlug AV-certified. Coexistence with HomePlug 1.0

Package Contents : 2 Powerline adapters, 2 RJ45 Cables, Quick Install Guide, CD-Rom

Max. Link Rate : 1000Mbps

Max. Operating Range : Up to 300m in wall powerlines. 8 bridged devices per station.

Here at Faculty-X we are working hard to be first to bring this exciting new addition to homeplug networking, delivery is due early August.

Prices are going to be circa £108.26 ex vat (£124.50 inc VAT) for a twin pack of adapters

Homeplug vs Wireless network speed test

August 18, 2009

Lots of specifications, statistics and wildly inaccurate quotes abound in IT no more so than network speeds.

A long wet Easter weekend was therefore put to good use as i conducted a non scientific, non technical but hopefully realistic test on homeplug powerline vs 802.11g wireless thoughtput in the real world.
The real world being my humble 4 bedroom detached house of standard brick construction, full of noisy electronics, power saving bulbs, microwave, multi-sockets gangs in every socket, 3 kids (v.noisy) with DS & computers, Wii, xbox360, loads of power sockets stuffed with chargers and everyday run of the mill geek heavendom.

The Test
Standard white BT homehub in the sitting room would be the core, connected to the router was a Lacie 500gb NAS with a Ubuntu 8.10 file 699mb all in one big ISO file.

54g USB WiFi adapter

85mbps Homeplug

200mbps Homeplug
Test 1.Same room
36mb/s 38mb/s 62mb/s
Test 2.Two rooms away
13mb/s 27mb/s 46mb/s
Test 3.Upstairs directly above
7mb/s 14mb/s 32mb/s
Test 4,
Upstairs – as far away as possible with power socket
unusable 9mb/s 27mb/s

Not surprising to be honest. None of the network speeds are actually acheivable outside of a lab. 802.11g wireless dropped of the quickest due to walls etc whereas homeplugs suffer most on each link on the mains,  one socket in, one socketout and a change of ring main through the fusebox to the upstairs.

Homeplug  adapters are the easiest to setup and the 85mbps model provides a very usable broadband sharing speed around the house, online gaming would be fine.

Homeplug 200mbps where pretty good with throughput, a Blueray movie is 25mb sec so would perform the media streaming even on the extremes of my house, again the AV stands its ground.

Wireless networks are the most flexible on location due to the no wires, but is ultimately limited for the same reason.
WiFi signals are prone to interference, the environemt can chage rapidly, even people walking between the base and client can blip the signal.

none from my simple test sadly, I need more data and my wife needs DIY done :-(

PLEASE comment on this thread with any data you have regarding manufacture and throughput and i will compile a chart to give a better day to day reality of Homeplug Vs WiFi.

Test conducted with netmeter


2013 Update (well its about time)

Things have changed so we conducted the whole test again.

changes mainly being:

Wet Easter weekends seem to have been upgrade to full summers of Wet :-(

BT hub has been replaced with a Billion 7800n router, the Lacie NAS died so was replaced with Netgear DuoNAS and both 54g wireless and 85mbps homeplugs are dead in the water now, also Ubuntu has been updated to 13.04


300n WiFi

Thinkpad X220

200mbps Homeplug

Solwise piggy

500mbps Homeplug

Solwise piggy

Test 1.Same room






Test 2.Two rooms away






Test 3.Upstairs directly above






Test 4,

Upstairs – as far away as possible with power socket






Lots of other things electrically would have changed in the four years and never resolved the performance of the Thinkpad.

500mbps homeplugs no surprise performed the best, no WiFi signal issues and give a nice low ping 10/100 network type performance throughout the house.

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