500mbps Wireless Homeplug Powerline Adapter with 2 Ethernet ports £33.50

May 21, 2013

New product just in:

500mbps Wireless homeplug and 2 ethernet ports for £34.95 
The unit will work with all 500mbps Homplug AV homeplugs as well as 200mbps homeplugs on firmware 3 and above.

We have re-configured these away from the factory default setting so they are ready to work straight away with an existing or new homeplug network installation off an existing router. This is by far the most common setup for homeplug networks.
These can however be setup to work as the router with DCHP running if you are not extending and existing routers connection but wish to instead run these direct off a wired network provider or wired modem link.

nl-hp-555w wireless homeplug 500mbps

Want to extend your existing 500mbps or 200mbps homeplug network wirelessly into a wireless deadspot in your house?
This item is the perfect answer, the unit is both a 500mbps homeplug with 2 network ports and also a wireless  network point, simple plug a standard 500mbps homeplug into a power socket near your router with an network cable between the homeplug and router and then plug this wireless homeplug in a location were the wireless signal does not reach from your router, scan for available networks and select this plugs default wireless network name “powerline” enter the default wpa password 1234567890 and your online again.

The two wired network ports can be used at the same time as the wireless so is ideal to place near your TV & media centre devices to allow say a wired connections to your sky+ HD box, freeview player or internet ready TV to enable on demand services as well as service wireless devices in the vicinity like tablets, laptops and mobile phones that cant reach your existing wireless router.

Your are able to change wireless network name and password if you prefer, we have just preconfigured these so they are ready to work straight away for you.

The plugs also have a router mode so you can plug a wired modem into the WAN port  with DCHP server to control the network address of attached devices,  this however is not the common setup option for homeplug users so we have set it up to be plug and play with existing or new homeplug installation with a connection to your own router.

We have created two purchase options, either a single unit to add to an existing 500mbps homeplug network or a starter pack with both units required to extend your wireless network from scratch i.e. the standard plug for the router connection as well as the wireless plug to use in the wireless deadspot. You can also add more stand alone units to the starter pack if required to create more wireless spots if you have a large or awkward shaped house for the existing wireless network.

Homeplug Features

Power voltage range is 100 to 240 V AC 50/60Hz.
Supports HomePlug AV protocol and the IEEE1901 protocol.
PLC physical link rate is up to 500Mbps.
Support the following modulation schemes: OFDM QAM 4096/1024/256/64/16/8, QPSK, BPSK, and ROBO.
Supports 128-bit AES link encryption and user NMK authentication, for providing secure power line communication.
Supports windowed OFDM with noise mitigation based on patented line synchronization technique for improving data integrity in noisy conditions.
Supports channel self-adaptation and channel estimation for maximizing real-time throughput.
Supports priority-based CSMA/CA channel access scheme for maximizing efficiency and throughput.
Supports four-level QoS.
Supports ToS and CoS packet classifications.
Supports IGMP multicast management session.

Wireless Features

Supports IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.11i and IEEE802.11e.
Supports 2T2R mode. Transmission data rate is up to 300Mbps.
Supports WEP and WPA for secure data transmission.
Supports DHCP server.
Supports version upgrade through Web page.
Supports restoring factory default settings.
Supports the following wireless security modes: WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WPA/WPA2-PSK
Supports system status display.
Supports system log.

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Solwise 200mbps Homeplug NET-PLV-200AV-PE £15.99

May 23, 2012

Value Solwise 200AV HomePlug Adapter

Single Ethernet Port
Atheros AR6405 chipset
Ideal for extending your wireless signal coverage for Internet access or to make a local area network(LAN)
Push button for SimpleConnect
1 network cable included


This 200Mbps powerline wallmount adapter is designed for transmitting data up to 200Mbps (HomePlug AV) across the household power line. Every power socket could become a network connection ensuring even complicated corners that were unreachable with wiring are now able to get online conveniently. Applications:

  • Shared broadband internet access
  • Higher data rate broadband sharing for power line LAN
  • Backbone for Wireless and Wireless Adapter
  • TV over IP (IPTV) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video distribution
  • Video surveillance
  • Online Gaming

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Billion HomePlug AV Pass Through BIPAC 2074 – £43.00

November 9, 2010

New product (for us at least) is the Billion HomePlug AV200 Ethernet Bridge & AC Pass Through BIPAC 2074.

With all the award winning features of its compatible sibling the Billion Bipac p106 homeplugs but with the added benefit of filtered pass through power outlet & not having to scamble under the desk to plug in this could only be improved upon if the price was right, luckily Billion have given us some tremdeous price breaks on this model making it unbelievable compared to other vendors at just £43.00 per unit, coupled with our at cost shipping charges of £2.95 + vat and its got to be the best price around, surely?  let us know if not please.

Power Saving
• Reduces power consumption at least 60% with power saving feature in Standby mode

Main Features

  • Provides physical layer data rate of up to 200Mbps over existing in-home power lines
  • Utilizes power line technology that takes advantage of the unused bandwidth of the electrical wiring in your home
  • Smart power saving technology for improved power efficiency
  • Provides a noise-filtered power outlet with AC Pass Through
  • Utilizes Quality of Service control
  • Supports Triple Play applications such as IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access
  • Supports 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Compliant with the HomePlug Powerline Alliance industry specifications
  • Ideal for residential users
  • Dimensions (W, D, H):6.50″x 2.87″ x 1.52″(165mm x 73mm x 38.50mm)

billion bipac 2074

85mbps homeplug with filtered pass through power socket £24.00

July 9, 2010

Newlink have just released a new product to their already excellent 85mbps homeplug turbo range and we are first in the country to be able to offers these excellent devices.

Along the lines of many 200mbps homeplugs these new model: NLHP-85PTDL offers a filtered pass through socket to allow you to keep that socket free for other items.

This has two benefit:

As you probably already know, homeplugs hate surge protected power sockets, but as this powerline device is for networking computers and consoles etc this is usually where the surge protected power strips are to be found the most.
You can now have full 85mbps networking at these station and then plug the power strip into the front.

Also i don’t know about you but i struggle at nearly all the power sockets in the house now, it wasn’t 5 years ago when a couple of double adapters saw you through now every socket in the house has four way adapters, again this homeplug keeps the socket free.

Newlink 85mbps NLHP-85PTDL

Single Unit Twin Pack Triple Pack Quad Pack
£20.43 ex vat
(£24.00 inc vat)
£37.45 ex vat
(£44.00 inc vat)

£55.32 ex vat
(£65.00 inc vat)

£73.19 ex vat
(£86.00 inc vat)

Devolo dLAN 200 AVSmart+ with LCD Screen & Mains Pass Through

March 22, 2010

Adding to our range of Homeplug AV powerline adapters are the Devolo AV smart plugs with both a filtered pass through power socket and a LCD status screen.

All our 200mbps homeplugs that we carry are selected to each offer a unique beneifit, We are often asked what is the difference and why we offer such a large range, so i will run through the points we use to select each model here.

Firstly they must all stand the test of time. We are offered most brands to sell but soon drop the ones we are not happy with, be it price or performance.

We are very happy to sell any of our current powerline portfolio.

Our Newlink NL-HP200 are the lowest priced, they offer a simple plug & play 200mbps Homeplug AV with no additional feature.

Next up is the Solwise PL 200av-Push, this again is a 200mbps Homeplug AV and work exactly as the Newlinks but with the addition of push button encryption, you simply plug them in, press the button on the first, and within 5 seconds the next plug and they are linked together.

On to the Solwise PL-200AV-piggy, this again has the features of both the first two but also a filtered power socket on the front, this enables you to keep the power socket this homeplug goes into free, very handy with todays already in demand power outlets.

Finally onto the Devolo dLan 200 AVsmart+ , this has every feature mention above but also a 1.7″ LCD status screen and an increase in range for homeplugs from the standard 200 metres of wiring upto an impressive 300 metres in tests.

If you require any further info on any model please just drop us a line or comment below.

Solwise PL-200AV-PEW: 200mbps homeplug to 54mbps WiFi

January 23, 2010

Another excellent addition to the homeplug range from the Solwise guys.
200mbps Homeplug AV complete with built in 54g WiFi access-point.
The PL-200AV-PEW is fully compatible with our whole 200mbps homeplugs range.

Plug a standard homeplug AV into a power socket near your router and connect the supplied ethernet cable into a spare ethernet port at the rear, plug a 200mbps Wireless homeplug into a power socket in your house where the wireless signal doesn’t reach and bingo you now have a new wireless hotspot at full strength again.

This has been used successfully by us in many hotel and homes that just dont need the hassle of rewiring or lifting carpets with the added benifit of mobility. Want to work outside, just unplug and move the wireless homeplug to a socket near the garden or if you have a garden office which is of the same power supply as the house, plug it in and you’re away.

Other wireless homeplugs at the AV stardard are also available, we carry a range at all the common wireless speeds:

200mbps Homeplug AV to Wireless Adapters

PL-200AV-PEW: 200mbps homeplug to 54mbps WiFi

PLA450 v2: 200mbps homeplug to 108mbps WiFi

2073n: 200mbps homeplug to 300mbps WiFi

solwise pl85pew

2073n homeplug

£36.60 ex vat (£43.00 inc vat)

£54.35 ex vat (£63.86 inc vat)

£67.83 ex vat (£79.70 inc vat)

Homeplug vs Wireless network speed test

August 18, 2009

Lots of specifications, statistics and wildly inaccurate quotes abound in IT no more so than network speeds.

A long wet Easter weekend was therefore put to good use as i conducted a non scientific, non technical but hopefully realistic test on homeplug powerline vs 802.11g wireless thoughtput in the real world.
The real world being my humble 4 bedroom detached house of standard brick construction, full of noisy electronics, power saving bulbs, microwave, multi-sockets gangs in every socket, 3 kids (v.noisy) with DS & computers, Wii, xbox360, loads of power sockets stuffed with chargers and everyday run of the mill geek heavendom.

The Test
Standard white BT homehub in the sitting room would be the core, connected to the router was a Lacie 500gb NAS with a Ubuntu 8.10 file 699mb all in one big ISO file.

54g USB WiFi adapter

85mbps Homeplug

200mbps Homeplug
Test 1.Same room
36mb/s 38mb/s 62mb/s
Test 2.Two rooms away
13mb/s 27mb/s 46mb/s
Test 3.Upstairs directly above
7mb/s 14mb/s 32mb/s
Test 4,
Upstairs – as far away as possible with power socket
unusable 9mb/s 27mb/s

Not surprising to be honest. None of the network speeds are actually acheivable outside of a lab. 802.11g wireless dropped of the quickest due to walls etc whereas homeplugs suffer most on each link on the mains,  one socket in, one socketout and a change of ring main through the fusebox to the upstairs.

Homeplug  adapters are the easiest to setup and the 85mbps model provides a very usable broadband sharing speed around the house, online gaming would be fine.

Homeplug 200mbps where pretty good with throughput, a Blueray movie is 25mb sec so would perform the media streaming even on the extremes of my house, again the AV stands its ground.

Wireless networks are the most flexible on location due to the no wires, but is ultimately limited for the same reason.
WiFi signals are prone to interference, the environemt can chage rapidly, even people walking between the base and client can blip the signal.

none from my simple test sadly, I need more data and my wife needs DIY done :-(

PLEASE comment on this thread with any data you have regarding manufacture and throughput and i will compile a chart to give a better day to day reality of Homeplug Vs WiFi.

Test conducted with netmeter


2013 Update (well its about time)

Things have changed so we conducted the whole test again.

changes mainly being:

Wet Easter weekends seem to have been upgrade to full summers of Wet :-(

BT hub has been replaced with a Billion 7800n router, the Lacie NAS died so was replaced with Netgear DuoNAS and both 54g wireless and 85mbps homeplugs are dead in the water now, also Ubuntu has been updated to 13.04


300n WiFi

Thinkpad X220

200mbps Homeplug

Solwise piggy

500mbps Homeplug

Solwise piggy

Test 1.Same room






Test 2.Two rooms away






Test 3.Upstairs directly above






Test 4,

Upstairs – as far away as possible with power socket






Lots of other things electrically would have changed in the four years and never resolved the performance of the Thinkpad.

500mbps homeplugs no surprise performed the best, no WiFi signal issues and give a nice low ping 10/100 network type performance throughout the house.

Getting Fragged of with the Lag

August 18, 2009

The biggest customer query since Christmas 2009 is “how can we improve the Xbox 360 wireless signal”.

Apart from the actual cost of the wireless dongle the signal has been causing grief for some people with dropping out and generally lagging.
The best / cheapest option is a length of Ethernet cable, only a few pounds and available anywhere from B&Q to PC World and us of course ;-)

If you find the thought of a grey length of cable snaking up the hallway or lifting up of the floorboards and drilling holes un-appealing then homeplugs fit the bill.
Just plug one adapter into the power socket on the wall next to your Xbox 360 and connect the two with the supplied ethernet cableto the adapter, put another adapter at your wireless routers location, plug in and bingo. It works straight out of the box, no drivers, no setup, no lag.

homeplug layout

From only £42.00 delivered for an 85mb twinpack there may even be enough change for the next quarters live subs.

Homeplug speeds & compatabilities

August 18, 2009

85mbps & 200/500mbps homeplugs use different frequencies to operate so are only compatible with there own speed i.e all the 200/500mbps will work with each together and other 200/500mbps Homeplug AV models by other manufacturers but not with the 85mbps and vica-versa.

however they can co-exist on the same power circuit so you can have two networks talking over each other at different speeds.

85mbps Homeplugs

All 85mbs that adhere to the HomePlug 1.0 Turbo standard inter-operate with each other . HomePlug 1.0 and 1.0 Turbo are interchangeable so you can mix and match both 14 and 85mbs as well as manufacturers.

There are 2 makes of powerline chipsets. Intellon and DS2. The majority of manufactures use the Intellon chipset and adhere to the HomePlug standard and are interoperable. However those that use the DS2 chipset cannot be used with Intellon based products. Phillips, Netgear and comtrend use the DS2 chipsets.

All the 85mbps homeplugs we sell are fully Homeplug 1.0 & homeplug 1.0 Turbo compliant, these inter-operate with other homeplug models that are to this standard, i.e. Actiontec, Arkados, Aztech, Belkin, Cameo, C-net, Cisco, Devolo, Dynamode, Echostar, Econnect, Fujitsu, Gigafast, Intellion, Lea, Netgear, Vesenet & ZyXEL at both 14mbps & 85mbps

200mbps & 500mbps Homeplugs
All our 200mbps & 500mbps homeplugs at faculty-x are fully Homeplug AV compliant, these inter-operate with all our other 200/500mbps homeplug models sold and other manufactures that are to this standard.

Homeplug FAQs and Q&A

August 18, 2009


If you have a question or problem with your homeplugs, drop us a comment and we will try to resolve it for you.

Common questions:

Q. Can homeplugs be used on different ring mains in a house?
A. Yes its standard for a domestic home to have various ring mains, one power & lighting circuit for each floor and well as cooker circuits, outdoor plug and buildings etc, as long as all these come of the same consumer/fuse box the homeplug signal can happily cross this for each floor the same as your power does.

Q. Can i mix homeplugs speeds?
A. 85mbps & 200mbps use different frequencies to communicate and can not talk to each other.
200mbps & 500mbps use a common frequency with 500mbps also using other higher ones, so they will talk to each other, the limit will be the slowest plug.

Q. Can i use homeplugs with a MAC, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Sky Anytime+, Humax freest box, Iplayer enabled TV, DVD players etc?
A. Yes homeplugs are operating system independent, they will happily work with any product with a standard ethernet port that needs an internet connection.
The software supplied with all models is not needed for the plugs to work and only provides a utility in the most part to see how they are performing.

Q. Can i use homeplugs in extension sockets, Surge protectors?
A. No this is not advised as the interference can be too great and surge protectors will block the signal. If you are very low on sockets its advised to use a pass-through type homeplug, plug this into the socket first and them plug the extension into the front of the home plug, the socket on pas-through homeplugs is filtered for interference.

Q. Can the signal be used by houses around me?
A. The meter acts as a natural block to the signal due to high interference levels and should not leak past this in most cases, but has been known to. Homeplugs will also not cross phases and generally the phases are swapped on houses up the street to balance the load.
If your are in shared accommodation then it would be advised to use the security setting on the plugs to block others joining, this is done by pressing the nmk/security/pair button on the first plug and then within minute pressing it on the other, this will lock them together and not allow others to join, if you add more plugs do the same again to add further units.

Q. I Have Comtrend plugs with by BT vision box which plugs can i use with these?
A. Comtrend plugs use a different sort of chipset called DS2 and are not compatible with other makes of homeplugs that use Intellion, so you would need to stick to Comtrend i am afraid.
Lately BT vision has started shipping with a different make of plugs “Simplier Networks” these are Homeplug AV compliant so any Homeplug AV standard plug will work with these. Check the label on the underside of the plug to check first if possible.